A Tribute to My Mom


by John Ellis

Years before the most recent financial crisis turned “staycation” into a buzzword, my mom was planning our family’s staycations. As a Christian schoolteacher married to an independent, fundamentalist Baptist pastor, she turned resourcefulness into a finely honed character trait. Although we lived below the poverty line, it rarely felt like it in our house. Our lives were packed full of curiosity and creativity.

Summer programs at libraries, participation in art contests and costume contests, and the seemingly endless supply of books on our family’s many bookshelves were a few of the ways that our mom stoked me and my sibling’s understanding that the world was much bigger than our circumstances. Towards that end, one summer, she planned and organized a series of staycations around the Pensacola area. Taking into account everyone’s preferences and desires, she did her best to create a fun-filled and interesting summer for all.

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The Gospel and Transgenderism: Part 2 (Words Matter)

A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain1by John Ellis

Having previously set the stage by defining and detailing God’s story, the discussion can now turn to how transgenderism fits within the parameters of gender established by the Bible. Unfortunately, defenders of transgenderism often use shifting parameters that are, at times, self-refuting[1]. Thankfully, followers of King Jesus are able to lean on the transcendent and absolute truth of the Bible for guidance. God’s word is sure.

For many, however, words are a funny thing. Or, rather, words have no fixed meaning but are merely symbols of a specific set of circumstances fluidly experienced by a culturally shaped individual. For those people, human words are not sure and neither are God’s words.

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