Christians and Domestic Violence

It should be a no-brainer that Christians should lead the charge against domestic violence. Unfortunately, many professing Christians get more worked up over a football player taking the knee during the national anthem than they do over a football player who beats his wife. My latest PJ Media article is linked below.

“Stranger in a Strange Land” by U2

I have been asked to contribute to Blue Tape Records, an interesting website dedicated to exploring Xian entertainment of the 1980s. Below is a link to my review of “Stranger in a Strange Land” off of U2’s second album, October.

U2’s October “Stranger In A Strange Land”

Bad Theology, Donald Trump, and Evangelicalism

Possibly the most disheartening aspect to the 2016 Presidential election is how quickly many professing Christians have aligned themselves with an enemy of God. In my latest PJ Media article, I explain how bad theology has prompted Evangelicalism to trade faith in God for faith in a truly despicable man.

Praying the Bible Back to God

praybible-192x300-14859_192x200by John Ellis

An anemic prayer life is a confession that I frequently hear from brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, it’s a confession that has sadly characterized much of my eleven years in the faith. Rarely do I ever hear anyone praise God for their rich prayer life. Likewise, I have rarely given praise for my prayer life. Sadly, the confessions and experience of those around me are not unique among American evangelicals.

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