Lakefront Brewing Extended Play

lakefront brewingSession beers are fairly easy to find. Deliciously full-flavored session beers, on the other hand, are fairly rare. For the uninitiated, a session beer doesn’t have a single definition. Never fear, though, most beer aficionados agree on some general characteristics that corral the definition enough to be able to know what each other is talking about. Mainly, a session beer has a low abv. The low abv allows people to drink more than usual without getting drunk. There is a myth[1] that says that the term comes from the low abv beer that English workers drank during the day without any real danger of getting drunk and hindering their work. Regardless of the term’s origin, most people mean some sort of beer with a low abv when they reference a session beer. That abv is contended by people. I’ve been told that a session beer has to have an abv south of 6%, and I’ve been told it has to be south of 5%. Well, Lakefront Brewing Company’s Extended Play has an abv of barely over 4%, so I don’t think that any of my beer snob friends can call me out for calling it a session beer; not to mention the fact that Lakefront Brewing Company markets and labels the beer an “India-Style Session Ale.” And, referencing my second sentence, the Extended Play is a quite tasty session beer.

AROMA: Very hoppy and citrusy, there is no mistaking that, first and foremost, the Extended Play is a West Coast IPA. Loaded with Citra and Cascade hops, the nose of the Extended Play is dominated by fresh grapefruit and pine resin complimented by spicy florals. A very clean and attractive smelling beer. 9/12

APPEARANCE: Pours a delightful golden yellow with a two-finger, white and creamy head. The retention is very good, and leaves a bubbly lacing. 3/3

FLAVOR: Once again, the Extended Play is most definitely an IPA. Plenty of lemony citrus shine through, and a satisfying sweet malt compliments. The finish has a clean bitterness that leaves the palate longing for more. 16/20

MOUTHFEEL: The Extended Play has a crisp, refreshing, medium body with no astringency, which is to be expected. 5/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: It’s currently winter, which means that the opportunity to engage in activities that cause sweating and panting are minimal[2]; and, although cold temperatures and cabin fever will not keep me from enjoying the Lakefront Brewing Company Extended Play, a part of me longs for a yard to mow so that I can take full advantage of this delicious session IPA. 8/10

TOTAL: 42/50

Outstanding (45-50), Excellent (38-44), Very Good (30-37), Good (21-29), Fair (14-20), Problematic (0-13)

[1] It may be true, I don’t know. I’ve never cared enough to track down sources. If I had an intern, I’d make the intern do it.

[2] Well, there’s at least one activity that I can think of that usually induces both sweating and panting and is often done during the winter months, but beer is much less common than smoking after engaging in THAT particular activity.


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