Progressive Christians, Planned Parenthood, and the Murder of Babies

Of course it's a baby' because IT'S A BABY!
Of course it’s a baby, because IT’S A BABY!

by John Ellis

I find no humor in the murder of babies. I mean, when it comes to things like gay marriage or identity politics, I find value and a small amount of personal pleasure in steering into the comedic skid – á la Elijah mocking the prophets of Baal by co-opting their rhetoric. Baby murdering, on the other hand, inhabits a level of abhorrency that makes it baffling and overwhelmingly unfunny as to why anyone who claims to be a Christian supports it, even if only wishy-washily. This is why I rarely comment online about baby murdering , either on this blog or on my social media accounts; I’m not sure if my “writer’s voice” is a good match for my feelings of utter revulsion when I hear or read the code word for baby murder – abortion.

However, the recent release of the undercover Planned Parenthood video has pushed my desire to say something over the speed bump of my reticence. To be specific, the responses to the video from progressive Christians and those who parrot the lies of Rachel Held Evans and company have brought me to the point where I can no longer, in full faith before the Holy Spirit, keep my mouth shut. If a person, on any level, defends Planned Parenthood, they are defending the murder of babies. If that person claims to be a Christian, they are falsely claiming that King Jesus, at the least, turns a blind eye to the murder of babies. The double whammy of defending the murder of babies all the while making that defense while hiding behind the name of Jesus and God’s grace is a combination of evil that needs to be shouted down.

To be clear, if you are a philosophical materialist – if you believe that only matter exists which, hence, precludes the transcendent, specifically, for this discussion, as to the fact that there is nothing transcendent about humans/human nature – this post is not addressed to you. Have fun flopping around in the putrid swamp of Peter Singer’s utilitarian and immoral ethics. In fact, while you’re at it, have the courage to declare that ten month old babies, since they’re not yet self-determining, are open game to being permanently disposed of[1]. I’ll still consider you a monster, but at least I’ll consider you an intellectually honest monster with the courage of your convictions. Unlike the progressive, wishy-washy Christians who have been crying foul about the undercover video that exposes Planned Parenthood to be the force of evil that we already knew they were. I consider them hypocritical cowards, at best, and the seed of the serpent pretending to serve King Jesus, at worst.

The most common refrain, in reference to the undercover video, that I read and heard from those who will defend Planned Parenthood under normal circumstances was, “If this is true, it’s upsetting/horrible/wrong. But, consider the source; I have my doubts about the video’s validity.” Which raises the incredibly obvious question – if you’re ok, on any level, with Planned Parenthood murdering babies, why in the world do you care what they do with the bits and pieces of the babies afterwards? Or, more pointedly, if you’re ok, on any level, with Planned Parenthood murdering babies, than shouldn’t whatever illiberal outrage you muster be directed at the laws that keep Planned Parenthood from selling the bits and pieces of the babies? Especially if it’s done for a good cause – i.e. helping find cures for diseases. I mean, if I still supported abortion, I would be outraged that Planned Parenthood isn’t allowed to profit off the sale of the bits and pieces of babies. It makes zero sense to be willing to be outraged if the video is true, but to give Planned Parenthood a pass for murdering babies. What happens after the murder, in light of the murder, is basically irrelevant. Even if Planned Parenthood conducted elaborate and beautiful funerals for the murdered babies the fact would remain that Planned Parenthood murdered the babies.

Of course, at this point in the discussion, the rejoinder will be offered, “No, no, John. We’re basically on the same page; I, too, want to see abortion[2] go away. I just realize, unlike you, that if abortion[3] is made illegal, dangerous back alley abortions[4] will rise. Women will suffer and die as a result. Let’s work together to provide a society in which abortion[5] is unnecessary, and stop demonizing abortion[6]” Well, my response? That’s a cowardly betrayal of Jesus’ command to protect and serve the least among us.

Murdering babies is wrong; murdering babies is evil. If someone says, “Hey, if you don’t allow me to legally murder my baby, then *fill-in-the-blank* is going to happen,” I’ll respond with, “Hey, the world is broken; I get that. But *fill-in-the-blank* happening is not a justification for murdering your baby. Period.” Yes, I freely and sadly admit that criminalizing the murder of babies will cause the back-alley murder of babies to rise, and, as a consequence, terrible things will happen – the most terrible of which will be the continued murder of babies. For one, that fact forces me to my knees in prayer for the quick return of King Jesus. For another, and repeating myself, the terrible things do not justify society’s stamp of approval of the murder of babies.

sonogram 2“But, John,” and this has been said to my face on several occasions, “abortion[7] is a complicated issue.” Well, no, and, again, that’s a cowardly abdication of Christ’s commands. The murder of babies is not complicated. There are issues around it that are complicated – male/female power dynamics, pregnancy as a result of a rape, the desire to have unfettered out of wedlock sex without any consequence … whoops, that last one slipped in before I realized what I was typing, scratch that last one … back to the list … the desire to have unfettered out of wedlock sex without any consequence … I did it again. I apologize. I appear unable to circumvent honesty[8]. The slip of my pen aside, as complicated as the tangential issues are, none of them – repeat, NONE – trump the basic fact that babies are not to be murdered.

Progressive Christian, why are you so quick to cry “foul” in the face of the undercover video? Are you so desperate for a seat at the cool kid’s table that you’re willing to carry the water for those who murder babies? Planned Parenthood and lackeys can squawk “edited” all they want. An edit here or there does not change the fact that Planned Parenthood murders babies and then sells/auctions/donates/raffles/indiscriminately distributes/whatever the bits and pieces of murdered babies. If you truly believe that the group who secretly recorded the video acted unethically, do you honestly believe that whatever breaches of ethics they violated trump the sin of murdering babies? Seriously, it boggles my mind that otherwise intelligent people are upset at an undercover video but defend the murder of babies. Talk about partisan politics and being blindly committed to an ideology.

Look, cards on the table, if you claim to be a Christian and you defend or support Planned Parenthood on any level, you are a cowardly hypocrite. I promise you with all the certainty that resides in me, King Jesus is disgusted with Planned Parenthood’s murder of babies. But you keep on fashioning your pile of shit into bricks in order to construct that Tower of Babel you’re so proud of. Stories have endings, and like the original story of the Tower of Babel, your story is going to collapse under the wrathful weight of a completely sovereign and utterly holy God.

Thankfully, your story doesn’t have to end that way. God, in His divine love, promised way back in Genesis 3 that someone would one day come who would crush the head of the serpent. That someone was finally and fully realized in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Living the perfect life that none of us, least of all me, are capable of living, and then taking the punishment for the sins of others on Himself, King Jesus died on the cross. Three days later, He was resurrected from the dead defeating death and sin – including the sin of abortion. God’s grace covers any and all sins if you will repent and believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. Pray for faith and repentance, and then submit yourself, in God-given faith and repentance, to King Jesus. Abortion is the murder of babies; but God’s salvation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ was designed to defeat all sin, including the sin of abortion. Repent now before it’s too late.

[1] Just be aware that your definition of “self-determining” is a social construct and you have no right to colonize your value sets onto someone who believes that fourteen year olds are not yet self-determining.

[2] Translation – murder of babies.

[3] Translation – murder of babies.

[4] Translation – murder of babies.

[5] Translation – murder of babies.

[6] Translation – murder of babies.

[7] Translation – murder of babies.

[8] I recognize that many progressive Christians would challenge my beliefs about the sinfulness of sex outside of marriage (to be clear, marriage = one man and one woman). Of course, they would also challenge my belief that outside of an individual placing his or her faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as their sole hope for salvation, that individual, on the day of his or her death or the return of King Jesus, whichever comes first, will be condemned to spend eternity in hell as the rightful and just punishment for their sins and rebellion against a holy God. To be fair, I challenge their claim of being a Christian.


4 thoughts on “Progressive Christians, Planned Parenthood, and the Murder of Babies

  1. […] Secondly, as I wrote in the previous paragraph, my posts on this blog began to change after I posted “Christians and Coming Out.” In the weeks following, I wrote and published “Christians and Judging,” “I Hate Authority,” “Gay Marriage and Slavery: How the Left Wins the Debate Without Actually Debating,” and “Caitlyn Jenner, Jon Stewart, and Society’s Game of Rhetorical Whack-a-Mole.” All four of those explicitly condemned, either at a specific point within the post or the post itself, some of the sexual revolution’s most revered idols. It was also not long after writing “Christians and Coming Out” that I began publicly taking on the vile practice of abortion. […]


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