Steering into the Comedic Skid

In the post “Progressive Christians, Planned Parenthood, and the Murder of Babies,” I wrote, “I find value and a small amount of personal pleasure in steering into the comedic skid – á la Elijah mocking the prophets of Baal by co-opting their rhetoric.” While I have yet to receive any non-trollish pushback over that statement, I have had a few friends express curiosity about what I meant by it. Well, instead of explaining it, I’m going to share an example that is posted on my humor (hopefully, humor) blog – Snipes. One note – if you’ve read Matthew Vines’ God and the Gay Christian, which I’m not necessarily recommending (I am planning on posting on A Day In His Court a “serious” response to Vines’ influential and dangerous book, Lord willing, next week) you will recognize, hopefully, the comedic skid. However, reading Vines’ book isn’t a prerequisite to “getting” the joke. Regardless, I hope you enjoy “God and the Gluttonous Christians.”

God and the Gluttonous Christian.


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