10 Beers to Take to a Deserted Island

beer deserted island

by John Ellis

While claiming to be a beach connoisseur may be a stretch, having grown up in Florida does give my opinions about all things beach related some validity[1] – likewise, if someone grew up in Canada, I’ll defer to their opinions about the best types of snowshoes and maple syrup. In other words, growing up in Florida means that I’m probably better qualified than most to determine which items should be taken along in the event that an individual finds himself or herself exiled to a deserted island.

Music and books are great and all; but, without beer, does the presence of either on the deserted island really matter? That’s a question with an elusive answer that I never want to have to answer. Thankfully, on my hypothetical deserted island exile, whoever exiled me has graciously allowed me to stock the island with ten beers, so I can avoid the question. For now. This raises, however, an equally important question – if I’m going to be stuck on a deserted island for the foreseeable future, what ten beers will I be unable to live without? And that, my friends, is a much more difficult question to answer than I imagined when I first thought of it.

After much thought, and a considerable amount of “testing,” I managed to narrow my beer selection down. I have little doubt that as soon as I hit “publish,” I will regret leaving a beer or beers off, but I’ll resist the urge to go back and edit. Don’t let that stop you, however, from letting me know which beers you’d take to a deserted island.


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

I’m not sure if I have a favorite beer in the same way that I have a favorite album, but, like Achtung Baby, if I could take only one beer to the island, that beer would be Bell’s Two Hearted. Honestly, I wouldn’t complain too much if the only beer I had to drink was this one. It’s hard to find a better example of an IPA than Bell’s famed Two Hearted. Not only full-flavored, but the Two Hearted is crisp and refreshing – perfect for an island exile/get-away.

North Coast Old Rasputin

I love thick, creamy, and rich Russian Imperial Stouts, and North Coast Old Rasputin is as good of a representative of the style as can be found. With Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Old Rasputin is one of my two go-to-beers. I can’t imagine being without it.


New Glarus Two Women

I’m not sure how hot it gets on the deserted island, but having a cold lager to quench my thirst during the heat of the day will be appreciated. And, while I’m generally not a fan of lagers, the Two Women from Wisconsin’s famed New Glarus Brewing Co. is an excellent and tasty beer.


Founders Breakfast Stout

As delicious as coconuts and fish are, I’ll probably get tired of having the same breakfast every single morning. Beyond the addition of oatmeal, chocolate, and coffee into my diet, I don’t think that I could ever get tired of Founders Breakfast Stout.


Cigar City Jai Alai

This is one of my favorite beers, but it’s rarity that I’m able to enjoy Cigar City Jai Alai. Thanks to draconian distribution laws, the stores where I live haven’t had any of this delicious IPA in over a year and a half. Being exiled to a deserted island will afford me the opportunity to circumvent the anti-free market laws that the macro-breweries high-priced lobbyists have helped gin up.


Trappistes Rocheforte 10

Just because I’ll be stuck on an island all by myself doesn’t mean that I won’t want to attempt the occasional gourmet meal by combining coconuts, fish, and seagulls in new and exciting ways. When that does happen, I’ll want a well-made and complex beer to pair with my dish of coconuts, fish, and seagull. The Rocheforte 10 is not only my favorite Quad, it’s my favorite Belgian beer, period.


Brasserie Saison Dupont

I won’t drink this Saison very often, but from time to time, I’ll want some barnyard funk. Probably on those evenings when the weather is a little cooler and it’s raining.


Meantime London Porter

Porters are the working man’s beer[2]. Since I will be the one to construct my island shelter and build whatever else I’m going to need in order to not die, I will be the deserted island’s working man. With that in mind, I’m going to make sure that the island is stocked with my favorite working man’s beer.


Mystery Brewing Annabel

I’ve only had this black saison twice, and have been craving more. One of the more interesting and flavorful beers that I’ve had, the Annabel from Mystery Brewing out of Hillsborough, NC makes it to the deserted island because I believe that the more I drink it, the more I’ll love it.


Bud Light

Don’t misunderstand, this is not for drinking. Having Bud Light stocked on the island will serve as a constant reminder that no matter how bad being exiled to a deserted island may be, at least I’m not one of the millions of people still drinking bad beer.

[1] We won’t talk about how I’ve had sun poisoning twice due to the fact that I didn’t believe that it was necessary for me to put sun screen on while lying on Pensacola Beach.

[2] Or they used to be until the working man was tricked into drinking macro-brewed swill.


2 thoughts on “10 Beers to Take to a Deserted Island

  1. I just saw the movie this afternoon. It is true that the storyline of it always works out for Christians was present. I sat there as a survivor of divorce knowing full well that I pleaded and prayed and cried and witnessed some of the exact thing depicted, but I could not save my marriage. I honestly thought that I wished o e of these movies would indeed point that out some time. Then I got my wish. In a conversation between the prayer warrior and the young mom, the prayer warrior revealed that all had not worked out in her scenario, her husband died with the two of them on very bad terms. The character was straight up blunt about it. She was also straight up about how God took even that moment that could never be had to make it right because her husband was now dead, and brought healing, wholeness and made her into the prayer Warrior she had become. She used the failure as a tool to disciple a younger woman before she made the same painful irrecoverable mistake. My first marriage failed badly and no matter how much I prayed, there was never reconciliation. However, like Joseph in the OT, what was meant for evil, God turned it around to bring good. I saw this in the movie. I hope this movie inspires more prayer warriors who take the brokenness of their lives and let’s God turn it all around for them by their utter obedience to Gods voice. Now as a pastor, that is exactly what I teach my congregation. If that makes me a heretic, then I find myself in some pretty good Biblical company. What this movie pushes, prayer in one’s closet as the first, middle, and last action in spiritual battle, is the very thing that precipitated the revival fires, the seed changes and watershed moments in the history of Christianity. It is so in the Great Awakening, it is so of Azusa Street, it is true of the Asbury awakening, the Brownsville movement, and the current revival in the horn of Africa. Perhaps if we spent more time praying and fighting the enemy in the trenches of prayer, rather than listening to the news, complaining about heretics (& there are plenty of them to be sure) perhaps we would see more authentic, relevant, and effective Christianity demonstrated in our world.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting, but I think you left this comment on the wrong article. No worries, just wanted you to be aware in case you wanted to keep track of the comment thread on the other article. FYI – I’m hoping to have my actual review (you do realize that the article is not a review of War Games, right?) posted tomorrow.


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