Why I’m Returning to Facebook


by John Ellis

Well, this is awkward. I mean, after writing this post about my reasons for leaving Facebook, it’s incredibly hypocritical for me to return to Facebook. Except, my return isn’t necessarily by choice. Unless, of course, you count my choice to sign the contract that requires me to share my articles across social media platforms as me choosing to return to Facebook. If you do, then, unfortunately, I am indeed a hypocrite. If you do not, then you probably appreciate the pain it took me to reenter my Facebook username and password[1]. But, about that contract.

Two months after leaving Facebook, my previous employer, No Depression, fired me. The “whys” are irrelevant, and murky anyway. I was distraught, of course, and assumed that my fledgling writing career was finished before it had even gotten very far out of the starting gate. But, thankfully, I have recently been hired by PJ Media – a large, conservative website that exists to offer, “news and commentary on what’s happening in the world today, the joys and challenges of family life, and the culture around us.” Specifically, I’ve been hired to write for the Faith, Family, and Lifestyle sections. It’s definitely a large step up in terms of both money and exposure. Plus, instead of being stuck pairing beer with music[2], I have much more freedom in regards to article topics. I am excited (and surprised), to say the least.

In order to write for PJ Media, I was required to sign a contract (actually, a couple of contracts), which I was more than happy to do. As I’ve already stated, I am now contractually required to promote my articles across social media platforms (personal blog, Twitter, Facebook, et al.). I’m not sure if that means the social media platforms I already utilize or if I’m expected to begin utilizing social media platforms, if not already. However, attempting to act in good-faith, I have returned to Facebook for the purpose of promoting PJ Media and my articles[3].

Writing for PJ Media is an opportunity that would have seemed nonsensically out of reach just a few short months ago. After years of being a theatre artist, I’m not naïve about the up-hill absurdity of pursuing a career in a field like writing. But I will continue to pursue the opportunities that God gives me. However, I’m yet to be completely convinced that my career is now that of a writer, but it’s becoming harder to resist the urge to actually call myself a writer[4].

I’m looking forward to putting my thoughts in “print” for PJ Media, and am equally looking forward to sharing those articles with the readers of A Day In His Court and with my friends on Facebook. However, the moment I’m fired is the moment I leave Facebook again.


[1] Funny story – I completely forgot that before suspending my Facebook account I had changed my password to something weird that I would not be able to remember. It was an attempt to remove the temptation from me. A temptation, by the way, I never faced. The only thing that my final act before leaving Facebook accomplished was providing stress and wasting time for my current self who doesn’t really want to be back on Facebook to begin with.

[2] I will still occasionally write a beer/album pairing article, but being required to write one week in and week out had become a chore. While thankful for the opportunity, the time it took to write each one didn’t allow me the time needed to write things I wanted to write. With PJ Media, I get to write the things I want to write.

[3] I do reserve the right to post Facebook status updates about my kids, how DC tourists annoy me, and sports stuff.

[4] Although that urge is almost nonexistent when I’m 1,200 words away from my 1,200 words deadline.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m Returning to Facebook

  1. I’m glad you’re back on FB and I’m happy for the new opportunity God has given you. I believe you have a definite gift with words both spoken and written. I enjoy reading your articles (although I’m usually lost reading the music and beer ones since those are waters in which I don’t swim). My heart is nourished and strengthened by your posts about the gospel and its ramifications on our life as believers. I trust that your return to Facebook will be profitable and edifying for you as well as for all your friends.

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