#NeverTrump – 5 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Vote for Trump


by John Ellis

As disturbing as this thought is, conservative Christians need to be prepared for the moral dilemma that will come if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. For the record, I don’t yet believe that Trump is going to win the nomination. Pretty much all of my DC insider friends assure me that he won’t; I’m told that the Republican Party already has a plan in place to ensure that Trump doesn’t secure the nomination. However, while I trust my sources (pretty much everything else that they said was going to happen during this election has happened), my brow is beginning to furrow with incredulity at their assertions. This is why I’ve already decided how I’m going to vote in the horrifying eventuality that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

Or, rather, how I’m not going to vote. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will abstain from voting. And, in the frightening event that Trump does win, I encourage all of my fellow conservative Christians (and non-Christian Republicans, too, for that matter) to abstain from voting or write someone in[1] if you believe you must vote.

I’ve already written why I believe that Christians shouldn’t support Trump. Sadly, I’ve heard from many people who agree with me, but who tell me that they will vote for him if he wins the nomination. Their logic is often “the lesser of two evils” when faced with a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton[2]. This is ironic since they claim to agree with my first Trump article in which I challenge the validity of the platitude “the lesser of two evils.” Not to mention that I don’t believe that between Hillary and Trump, Hillary is the lesser of the two very obvious evils – but more on that later. With the hope of dissuading anyone from voting for Trump, I’ve outlined five reasons why I believe that Christians (and non-Christians, too) should abstain from voting for Donald Trump in the general election.

Trump’s Immorality

My ten year old daughter is prone to using hyperbole when describing, well, almost everything – and that’s not hyperbole on my part; ask my wife, if you know her. When my daughter uses hyperbole, I frequently remind her of the fable of the boy who cried wolf. I tell her that if hyperbole is a regular part of her rhetoric, it will lose its effectiveness. And, possibly worse, constantly using hyperbole makes it difficult for people to know when you’re using superlatives seriously. I say that to implore you to not mistake what I’m about to write for hyperbole – the phrase “we’re electing a president, not a pastor” in relation to Donald Trump is so non-sensically stupid as to render me befuddled to the point where my initial response is wanting to smash something. I haven’t broken anything, yet. But the risk remains.

Of course, we’re not electing a pastor; I haven’t heard anyone say otherwise. In fact, it’s the definition of a “well, duh!” statement. For those of you that use that line, whom are you refuting? We are electing a leader, however. You know that, right? And a person’s character or lack thereof can’t be divorced from that individual’s ability to lead.

As Christians, as humans, for that matter, we should want and do everything in our power to promote men and women with moral integrity into positions of leadership. I get it, Hillary Clinton is immoral; she’s an example of unbridled lust for power and, among other things, she believes that it’s ok to murder babies. I’m not arguing that you vote for her. But, Donald Trump isn’t merely immoral; he’s the moral equivalent of, well, a Donald Trump.

For the sake of space, I’m not going to rehash Trump’s obviously disgusting evil (I wrote about some of it here), but I will hit the low-lights – the man owns strip clubs. I mean, really, what I else do I need to say? But, there’s more; he made his fortune in the casino industry, an industry that is a cesspool of vice, corruption, and oppression. He treats women as if women were not made in the Image of God. Trump is a pathological liar. Well, maybe not “pathological,” I’m not a psychologist. But he does lie an awful lot. He’s a proud fornicator[3]. He exhibits a level of hubris that would make Oedipus blush. And the man is a racist who has yet to disavow David Duke and the KKK (even if, at some point after I publish this, he does, think about it; how long should it take someone to disavow the KKK? I believe, immediately.) I could continue pulling miry examples out of Trump’s slough of immorality, but I don’t believe that‘s necessary; I hope.

Every Christian, at least, if not every human, does have a moral line which their leaders cannot cross. You do have a moral line, right? I mean, you must have a moral line that leaders cannot cross. And how in this ever expanding universe is Donald Trump occupying space on the right side of that line for you?!?

Trump’s immorality will affect his ability to govern in a manner that promotes peace and justice. Stop fooling yourself; as a declared follower of King Jesus, you cannot seriously claim that our King is ok with you casting a vote for one of immorality’s poster boys.

Trump’s Inability to Govern

Trump doesn’t play by any rules other than the rule of “do what’s best for Donald Trump.” I’ve seen the argument that since Trump is so successful, all he’ll worry about in the Oval Office is his legacy. The implication is that the desire to protect his legacy will keep him from being the worst President in history. Nonsense! Considering that Trump’s entire life is one long example of Trump doing what’s best for Trump, that belief is baseless speculation. For one thing, you’re assuming that you and Trump have the same definition of “legacy.” For another, you’re assuming quite a bit about his abilities[4].

Think about it, how did Trump build his fortune? Well, Trump took his inheritance and turned it into gold on the oppressed backs of gamblers. If you claim that Trump is a successful businessman, you may as well go ahead and make that same claim about Pablo Escobar.

Just because casinos are legal in the places that Trump built them doesn’t make casinos a legitimate business venture. Sinfully preying on the weakness of humans and exploiting fellow Image Bearers does not make someone a successful businessperson. It makes that person a greedy opportunist. And let’s not forget Trump’s bankruptcy. Sorry, that’s bankruptcIES. And, dare I mention, the artificially coifed con artist’s Trump University.

That being said, I will mention this about Trump’s ability; if he is ever sworn in as President, lobbyists everywhere will cry themselves to sleep with crocodile tears of joy. Unleashing Trump’s greedy opportunism in the White House will make every other politician in DC look like a Franciscan Monk[5].

In school, most people learn about how Andrew Jackson swung open the White House doors during his inauguration party to the average citizen. And that ended badly. Think about that happening with Trump, but replace the descriptor “average” with “evil” before the word citizen. If Donald Trump is President, he will swing open the doors of access to the leader of the free world to all manner of slimy, unsavory characters. Don’t forget – he’s a casino magnate. The White House will become a literal den of thieves. And whatever constraints are holding back the worst of the politicians in DC will be removed[6]. The governance of America will basically be up for grabs to the winners in Trump’s Machiavellian slot machines.

Trump’s Not a Conservative

At this point, those of you still considering voting for Trump are probably saying to yourselves, “But if I don’t vote for Trump, Hillary will win!” Yes, you are correct, sort of. Hillary will beat Trump if they face off in the general election. But not because you didn’t vote for him, but because Trump can’t beat Hillary in the general election to begin with[7]. Look, I understand that you don’t want Trump to win the nomination; you’re just considering voting for him in order to keep Hillary from winning. Those who want Trump to win the nomination lack the mathematical acumen required to read poll numbers. You don’t, of course (right?). Which is why I’m sure that you understand (right?), although you may be keeping yourself from admitting it, that in a head-to-head, Trump cannot beat Hillary. The DOJ could bring an indictment down and the FBI could handcuff her during a televised debate, and Trump still ain’t beating her head-to-head. But that’s not even the biggest issue.

Politically, Donald Trump is not very different from Hillary Clinton. He’s a liberal. Donald Trump is as politically liberal as Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is as politically liberal as Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is as politically liberal as Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is as politically liberal as Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is as politically liberal as Hillary Clinton. Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. DONALD TRUMP IS AS POLITICALLY LIBERAL AS HILLARY CLINTON.

Don’t believe me, ask Cecile Richards who has thanked Donald Trump for his kind words about Planned Parenthood. While you’re Googling that, let’s count the ways that Trump is a liberal – 1. He’s pro-choice. 2. He supports government run health care. 3. He wants to raise taxes. 4. Donald Trump is friends with Hillary and Bill Clinton. 5. He was a Democrat until he became a Republican in order to run for President. 6. Donald Trump is a liberal. I’m begging the question, I know, but, still, Donald Trump is a liberal because he’s a liberal.

Voting for Donald Trump is basically voting for Hillary Clinton, but voting for someone without the ability to actually govern.


However, when claiming that “voting for Donald Trump is basically voting for Hillary Clinton,” there is an important caveat that needs to be mentioned. And that is, with Trump as President, almost all the evil of Hillary will be pursued but with the added bonus of being pursued by a man who will have zero qualms with blowing the whole thing up. And, by “the whole thing,” I mean civilization as we know it.

Donald Trump has shown zero signs and/or ability to actually collaborate with anyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t already have a portrait of himself wearing a gaudy crown hanging in one of his gold-plated bathrooms. Giving Trump the keys to all of this country’s secrets, military might, and the power of legislative order, we’ll end up having a massive war of some kind. At that point, drafting our daughters will become an actual concern and not merely a theoretical one.

And that’s just international issues. We may not have to worry about war with foreign countries; domestically, Trump has the potential to end what was started in 1776. Politically, many in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, will refuse to work with Trump. A potential fight between Trump and Congress is a potentiality that should scare everyone. Keep in mind, Trump has no moral compass. He’s already asserted that he’ll follow President Obama’s path, and wield the executive order as his plaything. As President, Donald Trump could potentially wreak so much havoc that our country may end up pleading for a foreign government to take over.

Considering the turmoil that Trump as President can unleash, the social Darwin dictum “survival of the fittest” is going to jump off of our Jennifer Lawrence starring movie screens, and come mortally home to the vast majority of double-cheeseburger stuffed middle-Americans (of which I count myself one).

Trump’s main supporters are vicious racists. When David Duke, ex-KKK grand wizard, is saying things like voting against Trump “is treason to your heritage,” all right-thinking Christians (and non-Christians) should wash their hands as fast and as thoroughly of Donald Trump as they possibly can. A Trump administration will empower the dregs of our society to enact their violent dreams.

The amount of chaos that Donald Trump could unleash on this country means that for the sake of self-preservation, I will not be voting for Trump. And neither should anyone else.

There Is Still Hope

Unfortunately, many of you are so fed up with politics and the Republican Party that you’ve decided that blowing the whole thing up is the best course of action. And that’s why you’re planning on voting for Trump this fall. Except, your plan, besides being wrong, has some serious flaws.

Many people to like imagine themselves the hero in the imaginary scenarios that play out in their daydreams. At the least, they imagine themselves surviving whatever apocalyptic scenarios that play out in their mind. Setting aside the reality that most people are ill equipped to handle the violence and turmoil that would come from a societal apocalypse, there is zero reason to participate in ushering in such an event.

For those who are planning to vote for Trump because you want to “blow the whole thing up,” have you considered your neighbors? Have you considered the pain and suffering that “blowing the whole thing up” will inflect on many of your fellow citizens? You may have lost hope, but that doesn’t justify taking part in inflicting pain and suffering on your neighbors. Not to mention that giving up hope is not a valid position for a Christian to take.

There are multiple ways that lack of faith can be manifest. God is still in control if Trump wins; as Christians, our only hope is in the return of King Jesus. I won’t lie; it’s easy for me to look at this election with fear; that’s lack of faith on my part. But, casting your vote as a way to “blow the whole thing up,” also demonstrates a lack of faith that God is in control. By doing that, you’re stating that the world has spun out of the grasp of God, and that the best option is to vote for chaos. God is not a god of chaos. As Christians, we are called to pray for leaders who pursue justice and peace. Trump will not pursue justice or peace.

There is still hope, because God is still in control. There is no reason to vote for Trump out of a sense of desperate hopelessness.

I will never vote for Hillary Clinton[8], but the disturbing reality is that between Hillary and Trump, Hillary is actually the lesser of two evils. And considering that I will never vote for Hillary, I will definitely never vote for Donald Trump. And neither should you.


[1]I highly recommend Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse as a write-in vote.

[2] Sorry, Uncle Bernie fans, the Democrat Party is not going to allow your guy to win the nomination.

[3] At least Bill Clinton had the decency to try and cover his immorality up.

[4] Trump University, anyone?

[5] Well, maybe a Benedictine Monk.

[6] In one of his few instances of actually articulating a policy position, Trump has promised to silence the free press. What do you think happens to evil when no one is able to keep tabs on it? It becomes more evil; that’s what happens.

[7] That fact should take you off the hook. No reason to vote for such evil. He ain’t going to win, regardless. And this doesn’t fall under “if everybody who says he can’t win would vote, he’d win.” There aren’t enough people in America who will vote for Trump for Trump to win. If you vote for him, you’ll be siding with a losing cause that is populated by ignorance, racism, and self-interest. And all for nothing. You’re not even selling your soul; you’re willfully tossing it onto the trash heap of history.

[8] Unless she reverses course on many of her positions – beginning with her support for the murder of babies.


9 thoughts on “#NeverTrump – 5 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Vote for Trump

  1. Thank you for this exhortation. I hope your friends who are political insiders are correct. I’m not sure how Trump will not get nominated unless there is some sort of move made at the convention. If something like that happens there will be a revolt and the Republican Party may cease to exist as we know it.

    You address a real dilemma for many of us and something I am increasingly wrestling with. The argument that not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary is a sound one. It makes sense. (Not so much in my state which is very red so if I don’t vote at all it won’t make much difference.) But I have truly asked myself “Is Hillary worse for America than Trump?” I disagree with so much of what Mrs. Clinton stands for yet I think she would probably do a better job leading our country than Trump would. Picking Supreme Court justices is a big deal but would Trump pick any different ones than Clinton would?

    I don’t think my conscience will allow me not to vote. In 2008 I was troubled by John McCain’s candidacy so I voted third party. A write in candidate is a good suggestion and thanks for the recommendation. I have time to figure it out, but this is a difficult decision.

    In many ways I believe Trump is the Republican version of Obama in 2008. Obama was a great campaigner who stirred people to believe in the change he would bring. He didn’t talk much about specifics. In many ways Obama never stopped campaigning which is why I believe he has been a poor president. While Bill Clinton was a Democrat I believe he was a better president in many ways than Obama. I fear that if Trump gets elected he will be much the same. He will just keep campaigning and will be even worse. At least Obama gave and continues to give the appearance of being a decent man who is respectful toward those with whom he disagrees.

    Thank you again for provoking my thinking and for helping me to think along gospel lines.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m entertained by the Trump clown car, but I don’t like it.

    Having said that…

    This article is so full of logical fallacies, immature thinking, contradictions, and hypocrisy that it’s difficult to have a serious discussion on the matter.

    For example…

    Don’t vote for him he’s immoral. As is every other candidate. Who gets to decide where the line is?

    “He owns strip clubs… I mean come on!”

    OK, yes, definitely hate that. But is that the lowest form of evil ever? Reagan was divorced and remarried – a Christian no no. He was employed by the moral cesspool of Hollywood for decades. Would you have written an article excoriating him? Told people not to vote for him?

    You could write an article and spin things to make his remarriage and Hollywood affiliations make him sound like a monster.

    It makes about as much sense as you randomly choosing things about Trump to say makes him unfit for the Presidency.

    Another example…

    The “he’s not a conservative” meme that has suddenly caught on now that everyone realizes he’s going to win the nom and sweep the generals.

    I’ve got news for you. Most of the other candidates who have a shot aren’t either.

    Again, he’s less conservative on some issues that are sacred cows to neo-Cons (endless war, for example). But he’s very conservative on other areas that Cruz, Rubio, etc. have completely wimped out on (illegal immigration, for example).

    In fact, if it wasn’t for Trump making that an issue, those wimps wouldn’t have even brought it up. They would have continued just rolling over for the Dems in Congress.

    Personally? I abhor the fact that he is the first Republican in almost 50 years to not oppose abortion. I do hope that he will turn around on that.

    Anyway, this was a terrible article. Logically inconsistent. Hypocritical.


    • Outside of recommending Senator Ben Sasse as a write-in candidate (and I personally know that from a human standpoint, Senator Sasse is a moral man, and he is, in fact, a Christian), I didn’t suggest voting for any politician dead or alive. So, the charge of hypocrisy requires quite the assumptive leap on your part.

      I don’t have to spin anything to turn Trump into a moral monster. He does that on his own.


    • This is why I cannot vote for Donald Trump, it’s not that he is not Christian, but the fact that he says he is, knowing that he isn’t, that’s a huge red flag for me! Proverbs 16:6-7 says “A fool’s lips bring strife, And his mouth calls for blows. A fool’s mouth is his ruin, And his lips are the snare of his soul.” And Proverbs 19:1 “Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity Than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool.” I know we are not choosing a pastor for president, but the president of our nation should at least meet minimum requirements of ethics, decency and decorum. Seems that Trump would bring the country to such levels of strife that we are seeing the greatest civil war in history, because the 12+ millions of people he says he would deport are not going to be sitting around waiting for it. NOOO!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am a progressive Democrat and can see that you care deeply about America and I honor you for that. I worked for the Trump organization in the 1990s and I can tell you that when he went “BANKRUPT” he walked away from his debts to thousands of people like me … contractors, carpenters, electricians … and yet he got to keep his millions — legally. Our system favors the wealthy!

    Trump is all about “the deal” and not about “the people.” I can’t fathom how people think he’s a good businessman when he declared bankruptcy FOUR times. That’s the mark of incompetency. But for my Christian friends who support Trump, I have this question: How can you vote for a man who brags about the size of his penis on national TV and says he’d like to date his own daughter? This is disgusting — filthy — not the language of the President of the United States. I cannot imagine President Obama speaking such filth before the entire world. He is a model of courtesy. If we elect Trump, our President will be a foul-mouthed egomaniac.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree with you! Which makes me think that the christians who are supporting Trump are not really familiar with what God says about the haughty and self-boasting… I don’t know, but I think if a man, or woman, anybody who is constantly boasting about themselves and putting themselves on a big pedestal are to be feared! In my experience, those people are all talk, and no action. Trump only cares about Trump. He could spit on everyone and anyone who doesn’t think like him or opposes him, He even said, “I loved the old days because in the old days people who interrupted events like this would be taken out on a stretcher.” Now, you know which days are those, right? segregation days!


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