Trump: The Support of Misogyny by So-called Christians

never trump

by John Ellis 

Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial?” 2 Corinthians 6:14-16

Yesterday evening, Donald Trump tweeted out a picture disparaging the looks of Heidi Cruz, the wife of Trump’s main rival for the Republican nomination. Demonstrating Trump’s understanding of his base’s blindly immoral support, Trumpkins are loudly defending their pontiff’s right to shame a woman because of her looks. Apparently, no simple piece of straw is going to break the back of Trump’s galloping camel, and I’m afraid to find out what devastating blow is necessary. The fact that professing followers of King Jesus continue to support this vile man is heartbreaking enough; I do not want to know how much further they are willing to follow this serpent into his pit of sensuous rebellion against our Creator God.

A couple of months ago, I wrote an open letter to professing Christians who support Trump. In that letter, I asked them how they are going to explain to King Jesus why they supported a man like Trump. Since that time, his support has grown, as has the revelations of his gleeful wickedness. Donald Trump is a man who openly defies God, and yet supposed followers of King Jesus continue to defend and support him. This is why I sadly write the following letter:

Dear Professing Christian Who Supports Donald Trump,

First, allow me to plead with you to repent of your sin. You are blatantly supporting a man who cares absolutely nothing for God. You’re supporting a man who has publicly bragged about how he doesn’t need to ask God for repentance. You are supporting a man who made his fortune on the broken backs of families devastated by the scourge of gambling. You are supporting a man who throughout his entire career has disparaged, used, and exploited women. I beg of you to confess your sin of allegiance to such a wicked man, and ask for God’s forgiveness.

Secondly, if you have defended or even excused Trump’s disgusting mocking of Heidi Cruz’s physical appearance, please repent of your sin. Confess to God that you have participated in the promotion of a world-view that states that women are not made in the Image of God. This current shameful act on the part of Trump is not an aberration; it’s a continuation of a pattern of exploiting and degrading women.

Several years ago, while driving past a Hooters, our young daughter asked me why we never eat at that restaurant. I responded, “Because that restaurant hates women. It tells woman that they are not made in the Image of God, and the only value they have is in a certain, idealized body. That restaurant tells women that the only value they hold is in servicing men.”

Defending or excusing Trump’s most recent shameful display of misogyny is too far beyond too far. How can you not see that? How can you read the words of Creator God that He made male and female in His image, and then turn around and support a man who sees very little value in women outside of their physical appearance.

What am I supposed to tell my daughter when she asks me why professing Christians support the walking embodiment of the worst aspects of Hooters? Well, to be honest, I know exactly what I’m going to start telling her. And this brings me to my final request.

Finally, if you are unwilling to repent of your sin, then please stop calling yourself a Christian. Stop defaming the name of my King and Savior by aligning his glorious name with the wicked vileness of Donald Trump. There is nothing in the character of God that allows for the belief that Jesus condones your support of Donald Trump. Your commitment to your selfish and ill-defined desire for earthly comfort and security belies where your true hope rests. As long as King Jesus is on his throne, true followers of Jesus will not sacrifice his concerns, his righteousness, and his holiness on the altar of selfish pragmatism in support of such an openly sinful and rebellious man like Donald Trump.


John Ellis, subject of King Jesus


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