Why I Am Vocally #NeverTrump


by John Ellis

Late summer of 2015, I asked some political insider friends if I should be concerned about Donald Trump. They replied, “no.” As we now know, they were wrong[1]. Since then, obliterating any semblance of decency and decorum in politics, Donald Trump has ridden the wave of alt-right anger to become the GOP nominee[2].

During that time, I have written seventeen #NeverTrump articles, including this one. My first #NeverTrump article was published on January 23. Over these last ten months, I have been encouraged by some, implored to write even more #NeverTrump articles by a few, and applauded by friends and strangers alike. On the flipside, I have also been roundly booed, called a traitor (and worse), and received death threats. Many, on both sides of the debate, have wondered why I am so vocally #NeverTrump. Friends (and strangers) have scolded me for being so vocal. Often, the scolding will take the form of something like, “We get it, John. You don’t like Trump, but you’re not helping anyone by constantly writing about it.”

Obviously, I disagree. But not necessarily in the ways that my critics probably assume. You see, I’m not vocally #NeverTrump because I care about who becomes POTUS. Don’t misunderstand, I do care about who becomes president. As Jeremiah 29:7 implores, we should “seek the welfare of the city where [God] has sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”[3] But concern over who wins this election is not why I write #NeverTrump articles[4].

My reason for being so vocally #NeverTrump is twofold. I am more concerned about the Bride of Christ whoring herself out than I am about this election. And, for the sake of my testimony, I want to stake a claim for righteousness that is visible to all my unbelieving friends and family.

In one of my #NeverTrump articles for PJ Media, I wrote about how many Christians in America have erroneously conflated the nation of Israel with the United States. Applying God’s promises made to Israel to this country feeds the false religion of God and Country. Sadly, and even worse, during the 2016 election season, that false religion has been exposed to be Country and God. In fact, “God” may as well be left off. Many professing Christians worship Country and its accompanying safety and security. In doing so, the Bride of Christ has pragmatically sought refuge in a man who is obviously wicked[5]. A little like (or a lot like) how the ancient people of Judah turned to Egypt in failed attempt to stave off the Babylonians.

You see, Jesus Christ is the final and full Israel. And the Church, being in Christ, is the recipient of the promises of God. One day, King Jesus will return and the Church, those who have placed their faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, will leave their exile and joyfully enter God’s full rest in the new Eden/Jerusalem. Until that glorious day, subjects of King Jesus are to promote God’s kingdom above all else. Like Egypt, Donald Trump is antithetical to the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It grieves me to see fellow Believers place their hope in Egypt. And I will continue to use whatever platforms the Holy Spirit gives me to call people to repentance and to turn back to promoting their King above the nation in which they are exiled.

Especially considering the carnage that Trump is going to do to the GOP down-ballot, I am very aware that with Hillary Clinton as President, Christians have much to fear from an earthly standpoint. Hillary Clinton has uttered the chilling words that, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed [emphasis added].” I don’t know exactly what that means or how it will be worked out, but I do know that it bodes ill for conservative Christians.

As I watch the results from generations of moral relativism roll in, I, too, wonder what’s next for conservative Christians exiled in America. But King Jesus, who told us that the world would hate and persecute his subjects, cautioned us to “not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.”[6] Christians are not to be ruled by fear. It’s become increasingly evident, though, that many professed subjects of King Jesus are allowing their fear of those who can do physical and material harm to overrule their fear of their Creator and King.

By God’s grace, I am determined to not succumb to fear and to remain committed to proclaiming God’s greatness. If I were to support Donald Trump, my unbelieving friends and family would have a hard time seeing past my embrace of a man that they recognize is wicked. From a human standpoint, my gospel witness would be obscured[7].

Thanks to the writing platforms that God has given me, I have the privilege (and duty) to write articles extolling a Biblical sexual ethic, condemn abortion, and that preach the good news of how God came to earth in the form of a man to save sinners unto Himself, among other God honoring topics. Once again, by God’s grace, non-Christian readers will never have the opportunity to hold the blatantly unrighteous Donald Trump over my head.

Being vocally #NeverTrump means that when I claim that God ordained sex to be between one man and one woman in the context of marriage, unbelievers will not be able to chortle at my naked inconsistency. When I point out that misogyny, racism, and abortion are dreadful sins before God because they attack humans made in His image, unbelievers will not be able to remind me that I threw my support behind a man who boasts of sexually assaulting women and continuously degrades women through word (and deed), encourages racist sentiments, and became “pro-life” only after it was politically expedient. When I claim that God commands Christians to care for the poor and oppressed, unbelievers will not be able to remind me that I once tried to elect a man who made his fortune off the backs of those oppressed by the gambling industry. Whenever I preach the importance of integrity, unbelievers will not be able to point to my defense of an individual who is not only a known liar and cheat but who boasted in his book about having affairs and using dishonesty to achieve his business goals.

As a subject of King Jesus and a child of God, I pray that my concerns align with my those of my Creator. And almost everything about Donald Trump stands in direct rebellion against the concerns of my holy and just God. Because of the confusion sown by opportunistic evangelical leaders who have sold the gospel out for power, I feel compelled to make my #NeverTrump position known. I want the world to know that the Bride of Christ has not completely turned to whoredom.

By God’s grace, my words will help brothers and sisters in Christ find comfort in knowing that our King is secure on his throne, regardless of what happens before, on, and after November 8th. Further, by God’s grace, the Holy Spirit will use my refusal to turn towards Egypt as a means to convict unbelievers of their need to be saved from their sins and unto God. With those ends as my prayer, I will continue to be vocally #NeverTrump.

Soli Deo Gloria

[1] To be fair to my friends, this election season has been one in which the normal interpretation of data has been upended. Looking back, it’s easy to see that. At the time, on the very front end, their predictions would’ve been right any other election year.

[2] More accurately, Trump intentionally bellowed that anger into a raging fire.

[3] Jeremiah 29:7, ESV Study Bible (Wheaton, Ill: Crossway, 2008), 1424.

[4] One of the most important things that I do during this election season to seek the welfare of the city in which I am exiled is daily praying for the salvation of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I pray that they will respond in faith to Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. I also pray that upon their salvation, they will publicly renounce their sins and seek to magnify the name of God through word and deed.

[5] At this point, in the long, disgusting history of Donald Trump, if you don’t believe that he is a vile man who lacks the character and integrity to be trusted with any type of leadership, I don’t know what will convince you. As your new god once prophesied, he could kill someone and still not lose supporters.

[6] Matthew 10:28, ESV Study Bible, 1841.

[7] With the understanding that the work of the Holy Spirit cannot be obscured by humans. However, God is pleased to work through ordinary means and I want to be one of the ordinary means that God deigns to work through and not in spite of.


3 thoughts on “Why I Am Vocally #NeverTrump

  1. Thank you very much John for this Christian apologetic for not voting for Trump. This is a challenge and comfort to me. I wish my Christian faith filled my worldview to the degree that it fills yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. >TFW You don’t give a shit about patriotic values and foreign or economic policy and base all of your political decisions on Abortion, Homosexuality, and whether or not a candidate is a Christian or not.

    BTW Hillary Clinton wants to start a pointless war with Russia and you evangelicucks on the ‘#nevertrump’ side of things won’t stop it with your moral platitudes and incessant virtue signaling.

    1488 MAGA GTK


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