Atheists Respond to the Gospel

Sadly, many of my PJ Media articles that I am the most proud of are the least read of my articles. Usually, the articles that I’m most proud of are under the “Faith” section of the website. Occasionally, however, one of those articles attracts the attention of atheists. They light the comment section up with their dismissals, scoffing, and “refutations.” And I am thankful that they do.

The power of the gospel is found in the work of the Holy Spirit, not in me. I pray that even while they’re scoffing and “refuting” me, the Holy Spirit is using the gospel presentation to prick their consciences, reveal God the Father to them, and provide them with saving faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The article I’ve linked to below is one of the articles that has been picked up by atheists. Praise God.




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