Jeff Sessions Is Not a Racist

While watching my good friend William Smith defend Senator Jeff Sessions on multiple interviews across multiple networks, some questions popped into my mind. I implicitly trust William when he says that Jeff Sessions is not a racist. I can’t think of anyone else I’ve know who has more integrity than William. That doesn’t mean that he and I agree on everything (we don’t, and our arguments are fun, informative, and usually make me look silly). But, the charges of racism isn’t an issue of policy; I do not remotely doubt William when he says that Senator Sessions is not a racist. So, when those questions popped into my head, I thought, “Why not get paid to ask my friend these questions?”

My editor approved the article, and William graciously agreed to answer a few questions of PJ Media. Click the link below to read my interview with the first African-American Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee.




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