A Social Experiment: The Marriage of Abortion and Racism

jackiehillperryby John Ellis

I praise God for my brothers and sisters in Christ in the reformed rap movement. Their God-given ability to beautifully, winsomely, and poignantly communicate deep truths about God and God’s creation – all of God’s creation – lifts my eyes to the heavens and causes me to praise my Creator and my King for who He is. Their courage to confront the evils of our age that are decimating all communities gives me hope and confronts me with my own cowardice. Their perspective on the ways in which society sinfully marginalizes and oppresses communities not my own, breaks my heart at my own sin of complacency and, at times, active involvement. Through it all, however, by preaching Christ crucified, they continuously point all of us to the reality that the only answer for all oppression and sin is found through faith in Jesus.

This spoken word video from Humble Beast and Desiring God is a moving testament to the value of all life – the life of the mother and the life of the child dependent on the mother.


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