The 4 Hardest Books of the Bible to Read


by John Ellis

I have a love/hate relationship with click-bait titles. On one hand, click-bait titles feel a little dirty and, at times, dishonest. On the other hand, though, click-bait titles help me keep my job. There are many platforms on the interwebs competing for clicks. My editors at PJ Media have a job to do, and that job is making sure that eyeballs end up on my articles. Click-bait titles are part of that job.

My latest article for PJ Media has possibly the most valuable click-bait title out of all of my articles. While deliberately provocative, the title also reflects the truths in the actual article. Many who click on the article because of the title, however, probably have something completely different in mind than what I mean by the “4 Hardest Books of the Bible.” I’m sure that the readers of A Day In His Court will quickly pick up on my intentions with both the article and the title. Click the click-bait link below to read my latest PJ Media article.


One thought on “The 4 Hardest Books of the Bible to Read

  1. The click bait worked! You sucked me into the post, although I was interested in the topic anyway, and I love to read your writing, so I was an easy catch. You were right about me being surprised by some of the reasons of why these books are “hard” to read, but I certainly agree with all of your unique insights. I might add, for myself, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Romans, and other “deep” books of the Bible make my brain hurt at times. Thanks for always making me think, John, and you are forcing me to think about the great God of the universe, which is always a spiritually rewarding activity.


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