Why My Family Will Not be Watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show


by John Ellis

During her Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga has promised that she is going to continue to promote a message of inclusion and equality – synonymous for promoting a pro-lgbtq agenda. She proudly asserted during press conferences over the last few weeks that, “The only statements I’ll be making during the halftime show are the ones that I’ve been consistently making throughout my career.” Considering that Lady Gaga has made a career out of flaunting and celebrating her overt rebellion against my King, my family and I will not be watching Lady Gaga’s halftime show at the Super Bowl this evening.

Picking up Madonna’s mantle of being pop culture’s most juvenile and artless provocateur of religion, there is very little room to debate Lady Gaga’s contempt for God. Even if you’re unfamiliar with her works of rebellion, it merely takes a few seconds into the video for her single “Judas” to see her hubristic and almost constantly raised middle-finger to her Creator. In concerts and in recordings, Lady Gaga has committed to promoting aberrant sexualities that violate God’s holy standards. Borrowing heavily from the hedonistic drag queen culture, large swaths of her concerts are little more than a series of simulated orgies. The words, actions, and imagery employed by Lady Gaga are often stunningly upfront about who she is, what she believes, and the god that she bows before. There is zero reason to believe that Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show will be any less of an open rebellion against the Throne of Heaven.

In contrast, our church family will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper this evening. We will gather together and remember the merciful actions of God the Son who became man in order to be tempted like us, suffer like us, and yet remain obedient to the Father, unlike us. Though sinless, King Jesus resolutely and lovingly mounted the cross and died as the punishment for the sins of his people. Resurrected from the grave three days later, King Jesus conquered sin and death for those who are repenting of their sins and placing their faith in him. Those who are united by faith in Christ will one day look upon the face of the Father for all eternity, and enjoy God’s eternal rest and blessings. The Lord’s Supper, or communion, as some know it, was ordained by King Jesus to be done in remembrance of him and the great salvation that he won at great cost for his people.

As followers of King Jesus, we are called to die to self and to pursue a life of joyful obedience. The writer of the Hebrews implores Christians to “strive … for the holiness without which no one will be healed (Hebrews 12:14).” Jesus bore God’s wrath so that we would be freed from the slavery of sin in order to pursue God’s holiness. Celebrating the Lord’s Supper this evening is a joyous yet sobering reminder of the price that Jesus paid so that his children might be free.

The incongruity of celebrating the eternal and selfless love of our King and Savior and then watching a vile performance made to honor self, sexual hedonism, and the Serpent-Satan shreds my heart. Crossing the divide from one to the other is an appalling thought to me, and, by God’s grace, I will lead my family in obedience to my King this evening. That means not watching the Super Bowl halftime show. That means not joining in, even as an observer, in the bacchanalian festivities that will send the smoking stench of sin into the nostrils of our Holy God. Please come quickly, King Jesus, and finally and fully destroy the Tower of Babel and usher your children into your rest.

Soli Deo Gloria


2 thoughts on “Why My Family Will Not be Watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show

  1. Wow. The photograph was frightening enough to scare me away from the 2017 Superbowl Halftime Show. I’ve never been a fan of those shows anyway. And the NFL wonders why its ratings are down dramatically this year. Enough of the debauchery! Bring on some wholesome entertainment, if compelled to do a lengthy halftime show! I couldn’t agree with your assessment more, and the start contrast between your church honoring the Lord Jesus Christ through Communion vs. Lady Gaga worshipping who knows what was poignant indeed.

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    • Your comment aged like milk. Her show ended up becoming the second most viewed superbowl halftime in history and got better raitings than the actual game.

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