Pat Robertson’s Love of Donald Trump Outweighs Sound Bible Exegesis


by John Ellis

When my editor sent me the video link to a recent Pat Robertson rant and asked if I’d like to write a response, I jumped at the opportunity. For one thing, it’s not a good idea to say “no” when your editor asks you to write something. For another thing, and as you’re probably aware if you’ve followed my writing these past twelve months, the perversion of the gospel for political ends by those who identify as evangelicals is a concern of mine. Over the years, Pat Robertson has proven to be a poor exegete and an individual who very publicly misleads others about what the Bible teaches.

Jesus warned his followers to, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-16).” Believe me, I understand the gravity of applying those words to someone. For many, Pat Robertson is a beloved preacher and a defender of the truth. However, over the years, Robertson has played fast and loose with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His connection with the heresy called the prosperity gospel should be enough of a reason for Christians to disregard Robertson’s teaching and to warn others about him. Furthermore, the video that I responded to for PJ Media includes an incredibly blasphemous treatment of Psalm 2. While I take no pleasure in calling out Pat Robertson, I do so out of a love for the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please click the link below to read more about Pat Robertson, Donald Trump, and the dangerously bad exegesis of God’s Word.


2 thoughts on “Pat Robertson’s Love of Donald Trump Outweighs Sound Bible Exegesis

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Too often it seems that people “bend” the Gospel and feel that it is acceptable because their desired end is a good one. Sort of like “the ends justify the means.” But to me, that really dilutes the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  2. Passion alone does not, in and of itself, carry an argument. A discerning Christian, submitted to and led by the Holy Spirit, can recognize this false teaching in a heartbeat. Before I get too arrogant with that statement, I think I’ll remove the plank from my eye. Ah, that we would always be abiding and Christ and submitted to the will of the Father.

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