Like My Facebook Page, Please

facebookby John Ellis

I am not a fan of Facebook; haven’t been for quite some time. (For more background, read this and then this.) A few months before landing the gig with PJ Media, I left Facebook. I was enjoying my life post-Facebook, but my contract with PJ explicitly states that I’m required to share my articles via my Facebook account. That implied that I was supposed to be on Facebook, but, on the other hand, I couldn’t help but wonder if it only meant if I had a Facebook account. As the new guy, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk, and so I rejoined Facebook. I did not enjoy it, and a little over a month ago decided that I had enough cache with my boss to broach the subject of me leaving Facebook. She assented, and I happily left Facebook, again.

All of that being said, I recognize that Facebook is beyond being merely a useful tool for promoting content; the medium is almost indispensable in today’s marketplace of content. My longsuffering wife graciously agreed to post all of my articles on her Facebook wall. Actually, to be honest, I did most of the posting; she’s doesn’t really do a lot on Facebook. Because her Facebook activity is minimal, I begin to feel badly that her entire wall had become mostly my articles. Yesterday, we agreed to create a John Ellis – writer Facebook page with her personal page as the moderator. The page allows me to continue to utilize Facebook but without actually being on Facebook. So, blog followers, if you have a Facebook account, and haven’t done so already, would you consider going to the side of this page and “liking” my Facebook page? Thank you in advance.


2 thoughts on “Like My Facebook Page, Please

  1. Facebook at its worst is a cesspool. People post fake news. People launch into vile and irrational diatribes. People “hide” behind false personalities in their efforts for “image control.” But Facebook at its best is a pure delight, bringing glory to God. I love the photographs of my family, especially as our grandchildren are growing up. I love the playful encouragement that comes through constructive “trolling.”


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