Republican for a Year


by John Ellis

This past Sunday evening, during a conversation about politics with some friends who are part of the GOP power structure, I confessed, “I was a Republican for a little over a year.”

They ruefully laughed, but shook their heads in understanding.

The current Milo Yiannopoulos and CPAC debacle combined with the lack of calls for accountability within the GOP (until after the fact, of course) have served to reinforce my slow shuffle away from my new political party. Without rehashing my many objections to our current President (my #NeverTrump position is well-documented and easily found), I now find myself back to where I was fifteen or so months ago. By God’s grace, my political digression has stopped there.

While I’m no longer sure that I can claim the “Republican” tag in full faith, it should be made clear that I am conservative – socially and economically. That hasn’t changed. If anything, this past years has caused my conservatism to become more entrenched. For example, I do not believe that a Christian can vote for a candidate that supports the murder of babies. Likewise, I do not believe that aberrant sexualities that lie outside of God’s created design should be accepted as normal, much less encouraged.

Having joyfully voted for President Obama in 2008, I haven’t been a conservative for that long, either. My journey to a more Biblical understanding of how my Christian worldview impacts my politics is still ongoing, of course, but shortly after the 2008 Presidential election, in God’s kindness, my sanctification began affecting my politics in very obvious ways. About a year ago, I wrote a little about that journey for PJ Media. I share it again below:


One thought on “Republican for a Year

  1. I have never wished ill will against President Obama. I did not vote for him (let alone “joyfully” vote for him) in 2008, and I did not vote for him in 2012. My conservatism clashes dramatically against President Obama’s liberal worldview. He sincerely believes what he believes. I sincerely believe what I believe. And, seldom, other than my high regard for his abilities as a husband and father, do the twain meet. Like you, I do not consider myself a “Republican.” I am a social and fiscal “conservative.” I am 100% abortion, and, while I certainly can love those who claim some affiliation to homosexuality, and I cannot love the sin. Thanks for explaining your position so cogently in this post, John.

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