5 Celebrities that Democrats Should Consider Running Against Donald Trump in 2020

Trust me, you do NOT want the Dems to run this lady.

by John Ellis

2020 will be here before we know it. Upon its arrival, I predict that the 2020 Presidential Election will make the 2016 Presidential Election look staid and dignified. I’m assuming that celebrity after celebrity will throw their over-priced, haute couture hats into the center ring of the 2020 campaign circus. I also predict that there will be a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth from the remaining adults in the country. To that end, and to help cut down on the weeping and gnashing of teeth, I don’t think that the Democrats can begin vetting celebrities from their camp too soon. If you’re a Republican, I promise you that you’ll prefer every celebrity on my list over, say, the plagiarizing and unfunny woman  Amy Schumer.

When I told several friends that I was writing this article, they, of course, had suggestions about which celebs to include. For the record, the celeb that sits at number one on this list was agreed upon by all. The rest were up for debate, and I’m assuming still are. Let me know which liberal celebrities you think the Democrats should consider running against Donald Trump in 2020.

(Click the link below to read which 5 celebs I believe the Dems should consider for 2020.)



2 thoughts on “5 Celebrities that Democrats Should Consider Running Against Donald Trump in 2020

  1. That was really great, John. One of your best tongue-in-cheek posts ever. Nothing would surprise me, though. You may be seen, one day, as a great prophet, in this regard. I loved your phrase about the “remaining adults” all being forced to pick up the pieces of this great battle between unlistening foes.

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