Disney Inserts “Gay Moment” Into Beauty and the Beast


by John Ellis

I don’t enjoy writing these types of articles. In a perfect world, I would write about how much I’m looking forward to seeing Disney’s new, live-action version of Beauty and the Beast with my daughter. You see, my daughter has been eagerly looking forward to the movie starring Emma Watson. Except, now, I have to tell her that she’s not allowed to watch it.

It’s not so much that I don’t think that she can handle whatever the “gay moment” is. It’s that we have to draw a line somewhere. This movie seems like an appropriate and God-honoring place to draw that line. My daughter won’t be happy, but my wife and I have been given an opportunity to talk to her about sin and about how sinful humans pervert God’s good design. In a way, then, I guess I should be happy about writing these types of articles. But, I’m still not. It does, however, cause me to pray, “Please come back quickly, King Jesus.”

To read my latest PJ Media article about how Disney has inserted a “gay moment” into Beauty and the Beast, click the link provided below:




One thought on “Disney Inserts “Gay Moment” Into Beauty and the Beast

  1. I appreciated your post, John. I see that readers were not unanimous in their regard for your ideas. I knew some would brand you as a bigoted rightist. I prefer not to read those negative comments. I definitely agree with your position on this new live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. I, too, pray that the Christian community will wake up and not blindly support these ideas of Disney.

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