American Missionary Andrew Brunson Jailed in Turkey for His Faith


by John Ellis

King Jesus told his followers to expect suffering and persecution. After all, as he pointed out, “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you (John 15:18).” So, while it’s saddens us when we hear of Christians being persecuted for their faith, it shouldn’t surprise any of us. The real surprise is that we in this country don’t usually suffer persecution for our faith. At least, not if “persecution” is defined with words like “arrest,” “jail,” and even “death.” That time may come, though, and we should pray that God will continue to suppress the wickedness of unbelievers in this country so that we can continue to live in peace with our neighbors while still seeking to live a life of obedience to our King.

While making that prayer a part of our daily prayers, we should also remember in prayer the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe. In my latest article for PJ Media, I detail the sufferings and persecution of one such brother in Christ. We should be praying for Andrew Brunson and seeking ways to ensure his release from jail before he goes to trial. In the article linked below is another link to Brunson’s legal counsel. In that link is a petition that you may sign and some other suggestions of ways in which you can help. One way that we can help is by praying that King Jesus will return soon, even today. If, however, you are not a follower of King Jesus, you better pray that King Jesus will delay his return until you submit in repentance and faith before him. Because if he comes back before you do, you’re not going to enjoy what happens next.



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