Christians Are Called to Fight Against the Evil Called ‘Abortion’


by John Ellis

Forty-three years ago, this country sanctioned the murder of babies under the name of abortion. If that weren’t tragic enough, there are professing Christians who excuse this horrendous sin that is a stench in the nostrils of the Sovereign and Holy God of the universe. They defend the murder of babies with mealy-mouthed equivocations like, “Abortion is complicated, and overturning Roe v. Wade won’t end abortions; it will simply cause women to have abortions in back-alleys with coat hangers. It will make abortion dangerous.”

Make no mistake, that type of argument is the argument of cowards (and there are other arguments like it); professing Christians who are far more concerned about their reputation before unbelievers than they are about obeying their King and defending the least among us. Other times, that type of argumentation is used by professing Christians who have never actually bowed their knees in repentance and faith before Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and are literally working as secret agents of their lord, Satan-serpent, the father of lies and violence.

Make no mistake, though, one day, those who defend and promote the great evil named abortion will stand before a just, holy, and wrathful King Jesus. And if your perception of King Jesus leaves out his holy and just wrath, I submit to you that you do not know who King Jesus is. One day, he will return to complete the victory over sin and death that he won through his life of perfect obedience to the will of the Father, substitutionary death for the sins of his people, and his glorious resurrection from the dead. When that happens, when King Jesus returns, he is going to formally sentence those who are still in rebellion before their Creator to an eternal punishment of suffering in hell. For those of you who equivocate on the murder of babies, I’m curious how your defense is going to play. I mean, you’re going to one day stand before King Jesus and have to resort to whispering, “Well, see, it’s like this, King Jesus: I didn’t want women to have to murder their babies in the back alley. I wanted them to be able to murder their babies in comfort.” Good luck with that.

Professing Christians who defend and excuse abortion are also going to have answer for why they were an intentional hindrance to followers of King Jesus who are committed to standing up for the least of these (babies and the women who are preyed upon by the abortion industry). Not wanting to engage in the good fight against the murder of babies because you’re afraid of the opinions of unbelievers is one thing. Actively working against those who are engaged in the good fight against the murder of babies is another thing, altogether.

For many of the rest of us, though, those not actively involved in the fight against abortion and yet are appalled at the murder of babies, we are often at a loss of how to engage. Prayer is a start. Praying through the Psalms is an excellent and edifying discipline and provides the opportunity to pray the imprecatory Psalms down on the abortion industry. Just this morning, while praying Psalm 13 (technically not an imprecatory Psalm), specifically the end of verse 2, I prayed that those who promote and profit from abortion will cease to be exalted in society. I prayed that God would destroy them by giving them repentance and the gift of faith; that through their salvation, they would renounce the great evil of abortion and join the fight to protect the lives of unborn babies and the mothers preyed upon by the abortion industry.

Another God-honoring way to fight back against abortion is to pray for those whose full-time or even part-time ministry is to those most effected by the abortion industry. There are pro-life crisis pregnancy centers around this country. They offer free medical services to poor mothers, immigrant mothers, and mothers who are confused, scared, and are being encouraged to kill their baby, most often for the benefit of the people who call the mother their friend or family member.

While Planned Parenthood profits from the murder of babies, and then discards the women they have abused, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers seek to love and care for all involved throughout the entire process, even after the birth of the baby. The counseling and sharing of the gospel done in those centers is invaluable. But, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers also recognize that it’s not easy being a mother, and, so, they seek to offer material support, too. Diapers, car seats, baby food, high chairs, cribs, follow-up medical care, baby clothes, parenting classes are a sampling of the many works of material acts of mercy that crisis pregnancy centers around this country are engaged in.

In His mercy, God has raised up a pro-life crisis pregnancy center just a few miles from my church. Furthermore, the executive director of that center is a faithful member of my church. What’s more, she’s in the small group that by God’s grace I lead. The church staff has toured the center, heard the stories, and been privileged to pray with and for our sister in Christ who is laboring for King Jesus in the important work of defending the least among us. I have been privileged to listen to my sister in Christ share her work, her struggles, and the triumphs given by the grace of God. My wife and I have the utmost admiration for her and praise God for how He is blessing her efforts, and we feel privileged to be able to partner with her in her labors, both through prayer and financially. Which brings me to another way in which Believers can help fight back against the sin of abortion.

Give. As followers of King Jesus, we should be seeking to aid crisis pregnancy centers, without question through prayer and, if possible, with our material support as well. Crisis pregnancy centers have an overhead. Medical care ain’t cheap. The resources that they distribute, both before and after the birth, ain’t cheap. Our brothers and sisters in Christ who are providing aid and comfort to mothers, fathers, and their children need help. Many of us could very easily, without missing it, provide some financial help. To that end, may I humbly request that you pray about providing material aid to a crisis pregnancy center? If possible, I would encourage you to find a crisis pregnancy center in your area with which you can partner, through prayer and financially. If there’s not one, or if you are feeling extra generous and want to aid more than one center, at the bottom of this article I have provided a link to the crisis pregnancy center that my wife and I are privileged to support. The center is gearing up for a Walk/Run/Ride for Life fundraiser. At the bottom of the page linked to below is a button that provides you an option to support one of the participants. If you want a suggestion of who on that list to support, send me an email (email located under the “contact” button above) and I’ll give you the name of my friends who are running (one of them is most likely walking). Since I didn’t ask their permission, I am not posting their names publicly in this article (although, I don’t think that they would mind).

Abortion is a great evil, and all followers of King Jesus should be sickened by what our society is doing to our babies. When you read the passages of Scripture that talk about children being sacrificed to Moloch, do not wrinkle your nose in disgust unless you are equally as disgusted at our society’s sacrifice of our children to the god of autonomy and sexual freedom. And if you are disgusted, join the fight.

Soli Deo Gloria


One thought on “Christians Are Called to Fight Against the Evil Called ‘Abortion’

  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent, John. As a new believer in 1994, I still believed in abortion in the case of rape and incest. But, as I have grown in my understanding of the Scriptures, and the extraordinary value God places on life, I now place ALL situations in God’s hands and will oppose abortion unconditionally. Your most compelling position (not “argument”) in this piece is powerful: How could I stand in the presence of the Savior and not value EVERY SINGLE LIFE HE HAS CREATED?! Thanks for stating such a compelling case against abortion and for life!

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