The SBC’s Battle Over Russell Moore and the ERLC


by John Ellis

When my editor asked me to write something about Russell Moore and the ERLC, I almost said, “No.” Many of my friends know Russell Moore, and among those friends, a variety of opinions of Moore and ERLC are represented. However, I have never met Moore and my opinions about his work at the ERLC are in a constant state of flux, at least, for now. Being approached with the assignment, I thought, “What could I possibly add to the conversations? Especially considering that I’m not really sure about my own opinions regarding Russell Moore and the ERLC.”

Well, as you can see if you click the link below, I eventually found a positive answer to my own question. That’s not to say that I’ve resolved my own opinions about Russell Moore, but I do believe that I have something to say of value about the whole dust-up that is still continuing among the Southern Baptist Convention regarding Russell Moore and his place at the ERLC. On a personal level, I’m extremely curious to hear their thoughts about my article from my friends who know Moore and who don’t hold his work in a high regard. They will share their thoughts and I will catalog those thoughts in my brain for future consideration without ever writing about them. Sorry. I never want my friends to wonder if I’m going to publicly disclose their conversations with me or not. I do love living in DC, though. 

To read my thoughts about Russell Moore and the ERLC, click the link below.


3 thoughts on “The SBC’s Battle Over Russell Moore and the ERLC

  1. I’ve long suspected that having an opinion or belief that’s contrary to some accepted standard is a sure-fire way to lose favor and be cast out. That’s why the SBC doesn’t respect it’s own liberal and moderates – having worked so hard to make the conservatives the only acceptable standard. Without liberals and moderates to unite against, all the conservatives have left is to police each other’s own beliefs and kick out the conservatives who are too liberal and too moderate to be truly conservative.


    • Responding to your first sentence (which I don’t disagree with), I would argue that the SBC has elevated opinions and beliefs that have little to no bearing on the gospel to positions of undeserved prominence.


      • It reminds me of something a friend of mine told me; “When you believe that the gospel is just as important as cheese and cheese is equally important as the gospel, then anybody who is lactose-intolerant might as well be gospel-intolerant as they’re equally important and you can’t have the one without the other.” Just replace ‘cheese’ with any pet opinion or beliefs that’s in vogue and it’s much the same idea.

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