‘Uncucked Christianity’ – the Racism of Alt-Right Christians


by John Ellis

Were you familiar with the term “uncucked Christianity?” Neither was I before being assigned my latest PJ article. The emails back and forth between me and my editor could probably be their own article. Lamenting the hijacking of the name of Jesus; expressing disgust at the sickening articulations of racism; we rhetorically shook our heads as we sought to make sense of the world and ideology of “uncucked Christianity.”

My latest PJ Media article (linked below) merely scratches the surface of the layers of disgustingness oozing out of alt-right Christianity, now called “uncucked Christianity.” Amongst the filth, we uncovered this from Alfred W. Clark:

On to transracial adoption.  Take this for what it’s worth, but I’ve heard rumors that Nancy French, the wife, was the one who really pushed for the African adoption.  Apparently, she was heavily influenced by cuckservative Russell Moore, a noted ‘conservative’ Southern Baptist leader.  Russell Moore has for years been trying to cajole whites into not having white babies but to adopt children of color instead.  (Moore also is pro-Third World immigration and criticizes churches that are ‘too white’).  This general trend among mainstream Christianity (which is equally pronounced among Catholics, such as Cardinal Dolan and Pope Francis supporting the Third World invasion of the West) is a maladaptive, suicidal ideology.  You essentially have Christian leaders telling their white parishioners that they want them extinguished.

If I were David French and the rumors are true, I’d seriously consider divorce. Even if one is morally opposed to divorce, traditionalist societies have allowed for divorce in cases of infidelity and failure to issue offspring.  This would fall under the latter case, since David’s wife is essentially saying she would rather raise the spawn of some random African than David’s own seed.  While she may no longer be able to have children, I assume that David is.  He could find a fertile younger white wife and further his genetic line.  Let Nancy raise the dindu by herself.

But I assume this will never happen and David will remain cucked for the rest of his life.”

If you’re interested in reading more about “uncucked Christianity” and my argument for why it is not Christianity, click the link below.






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