After Privacy Violation, Teenager in Pennsylvania Sues School Over Transgender Bathroom Policy


by John Ellis

Gender identity confusion is one of the main weapons in the sexual revolution’s arsenal as it continues to wreak havoc in our society. Flaunting their desired independence from their Creator, transgender rights activists are busy sowing the seeds of lies and confusion in the minds of our children. School districts that are standing firm against the perversion of God’s law are finding themselves the defendants in lawsuits. However, a recent teenage boy in Pennsylvania is taking the fight to those who seek to compel others to join in their rebellion against God.

In my latest article for PJ Media (linked to below), I interact with a lawsuit from a teenage boy who has had his privacy violated by his school because of the school district’s new transgender bathroom policy. In fact, his privacy was violated without any prior warning, and he found himself being forced to change clothes in the presence of the opposite sex. Reminiscent of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, this teenage boy is refusing to silently suffer or go along with the open rebellion against God. How this lawsuit proceeds is of much interest for those who seek to obey God rather than man.


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