The Most Popular Posts on A Day In His Courts


by John Ellis

When I was a kid, I loved baseball cards. Specifically, I loved looking at the stats on the back of the baseball cards. I still know Andre Dawson’s stat line from 1987: 49 homers and 137 RBI’s, leading the league in both, while batting .287. I also used to love to construct imaginary stat lines for, well, myself for when I would inevitably play for my beloved Chicago Cubs. I would usually give myself a twenty-one or twenty-two year career. Of course, by the time my career was ended, I had set MLB records for hits, runs, doubles, triples, home runs, RBI’s, batting average, on base percentage, and, obviously, golden gloves won (I would also create stats for my lengthy career as a pitcher). That love of looking at numbers and playing with numbers has never left me.

That love of numbers caused me to look at the “stats” of A Day In His Court. It has been just over three years since I created A Day In His Court. Over that time, 265 posts have been published (not counting the one that I trashed a few weeks ago). I have written all but two of them – this one and this one.

Over the last three years, I have seen articles find an audience beyond what I had imagined. Granted none of my most popular articles on A Day In His Court even come close to the number of eyeballs that have viewed my most popular articles on PJ Media, which is to be expected.

I have also seen articles crash and burn, so to speak. Allowing my writer’s bitterness to show, it’s usually the articles that I’m most proud of that crash and burn. For example, I am really proud of these two articles (this one and this one), but, for whatever reason, they did not resonate with readers. That’s just part of doing business online, though.

However, while I was looking back over the “stats” of this blog, I wondered about the breakdown. Specifically, the percentage of views generated by the ten most popular articles. Well, out of the 265 articles published on A Day In His Court, the ten most popular have received over 51% of the views. The top two have received just over 30% of the total views. I’m willing to guess that for those of you who have followed this blog for all three years, you can guess which two articles have been the most popular. The rest of you don’t need to wonder or guess, because I have listed my ten most popular articles below. (to read the article, click on the title)

10. What the World Needs.

9. Progressive Christians, Planned Parenthood, and the Murder of Babies

8. Planned Parenthood and the Confederate Flag

7. The Clash of the Straw Man: An Unorthodox Review of Rachel Held Evan’s Searching for Sunday

6. Support the Devil, Vote for Trump

5. Christians and Marijuana

4. #NeverTrump – 5 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Vote for Trump

3. Christians and Coming Out

2. The Heresy of Christian Movies: War Room

1. War Room: Dishonoring God

Thank you for reading what I write, and if you enjoy, are edified, or challenged, please consider sharing A Day In His Court with your friends and family. Also, I am always happy to take requests for topics to write about. If you would like to contribute a article, send me a pitch in an email (found under Contact).




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