The Cult of Progressivism

Jonestown Remains

by John Ellis

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to the connection between Jim Jones and Harvey Milk (a connection which isn’t a secret, by the way). Yes, the cult leader/murderer and one of the darlings of the lgbtq rights movement were friends and co-laborers for leftist causes. What’s more, The Peoples Temple was considered a progressive paradise. Jim Jones was a progressive leader in San Francisco.

During that conversation with my friend, he contended that instead of the Jim Jones and Harvey Milk connection being an anomaly, it’s the norm; progressivism was/is a religious cult. I believe he’s correct, of course, and would love to write a long-form piece about it one day (hint – they despise humanity because humans are made in the Image of God). Until then, though, my latest article for PJ Media will have to do. In it, I report, I guess, and definitely editorialize on a confessional booth set up at the University of Regina for men to confess to the sin of being men. Click on the link below to read my latest for PJ Media.


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