Meet Willie Parker, a ‘Christian’ Abortion Provider

abortionby John Ellis

Confession – I have a hard time feeling charitable towards professing Christians who support abortion. Without any hint of hyperbole, it’s like trying to feel charitable towards professing Christians who supported Hitler’s holocaust. How anyone who claims to follow Jesus can support the murder of babies is beyond me. But, some do. Even worse, some abortion “doctors” claim to be Christians, too.

My editor emailed me the Rolling Stone interview with Willie Parker, and abortion “doctor” who claims to be a Christian, and asked if I would write about it. I knew that I was going to say “yes” before I had even finished the interview. Although, I must admit, it was hard to finish reading the interview; it’s disgusting and blasphemous. But I finished reading it, and then I wrote an article about Willie Parker. You can read that article by clicking the link below.


2 thoughts on “Meet Willie Parker, a ‘Christian’ Abortion Provider

  1. John, I think I have previously stated in a comment after one of your previous posts about abortion that one of the “not immediate” sanctifying changes in my life as a new Christian, starting in 1994, was my position on abortion. Initially, I still believed that rape and incest were valid reasons for abortions; I still believed in the “woman’s choice” to “have control over her own body.” God continues to shape my mind and heart into the mind and heart of Jesus, so about a decade ago, I came to an ABSOLUTE understanding that ALL ABORTION is wrong. I praise God that I have come to this conviction. Keep remaining rock-solid in your convictions, John! Blessings to you and your family for a joyous Easter! HE. . .IS. . .RISEN!

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