Communism for Kids


bread line
Bread lines – the dream of leftists

by John Ellis

About two years ago, a friend planted in my mind the seed for an article about how leftists/liberals hate humans because humans are made in the Image of God. From many environmental policies to abortion to the promotion of aberrant sexualities, to name a few among a long list, leftists seemingly do everything possible to discourage the flourishing of humanity. In fact, that list is so long that in order to come close to doing the topic justice, I would have to write a series of articles. For example, I could write a whole article about how leftists have scammed society regarding asbestos and have taken away from us a substance that is great at reducing the risk of death by fire. The anti-GMO crowd warrants their own article, too.

Economics is another form of terrorism used by leftists to thwart the advance of human society. The continued collapse of Venezuela versus the continued growth of China as the Asian country embraces capitalism is a great study in contrast. Turning an eye to the Scandinavian countries unveils the truth that their economic prosperity has nothing to do with their version of socialism. Policies like having some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world have economically enabled Scandinavian countries, though. France’s economy is collapsing, a country that has a president who wanted to tax the rich at 75% and a country that has a presidential candidate running a close third in the current polls who wants to tax all income over 400K at 100% (yes, 100%). Millionaires (job creators) have fled and continue to flee the country by the tens of thousands. Considering the brazenly open desire for many in France to literally steal from the rich, combined with the economic terrorism already enacted by French leftists, it’s no wonder that skittish investors are causing French bonds to tank.

The growing chorus of leftists seeking to undermine the world’s economy has been joined by a new book aimed at kids. Communism for Kids is stunning in its deceit and its naked desire to see humans suffer. Desiring to push back on liberals’ assault on humanity, I asked my editor if I could write about Communism for Kids. The article that followed is linked to below.


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