Why I Don’t Celebrate Earth Day

love your mother

by John Ellis

Today is Earth Day. Actually, this last week has basically been Earth Week. That time of year when multi-millionaires fly around the world in their expensive and fossil fuel consuming private jets in order to scold the plebeians about how they (the plebeians) are leaving far too large of a carbon footprint. Likewise, it’s that time of year when park services around the country get to clean up the mountains of trash left behind by protesters who are protesting that others don’t love their mother as much as they do – mother earth, that is.

Speaking of mother earth, this morning I woke up, scanned the internet, and was bombarded with memes about how I’m supposed to love my mother (the earth, that is). Well, being before 6 am, I was already irritable, not to mention that I despise the notion of the earth as our mother. So, like all good-ish writers, I decided to turn my irritation into some cash. Below you can find the link to my latest article, explaining why the earth is most decidedly not our mother. Happy Earth Day.



One thought on “Why I Don’t Celebrate Earth Day

  1. John, this is so good. I am not opposed to Earth Day. Christians MUST be good stewards of the earth God has given us. But we should worship the Lord (Creator) not this planet (His creation). By the way, I absolutely loved the photoshopped image. Well done, sir!


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