Jen Hatmaker

jen hatmaker

by John Ellis

Several years ago, many (myself included) read Rob Bell’s book Love Wins and had our suspicions confirmed that he is a universalist among a host of other assorted errors and heresies. When many (myself included) sounded the warning, we were chided for our lack of charity and for trying to silence an interesting voice that challenges the evangelical status quo. Well, over the intervening years, the critics of Rob Bell have sadly been proven correct. Even more disheartening, on a personal level, many of those whom I know who defended Rob Bell have continued to follow him farther and farther down the path of apostasy. Jen Hatmaker may very well be the new Rob Bell, leading many people, including some that I know, down that same path of apostasy.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jen Hatmaker and the kerfuffle within evangelical circles about her, my latest article for PJ Media provides some background info. If you are familiar with Hatmaker, in the article I challenge the notion that she is courageous and that we conservative evangelicals have unlovingly turned our backs on her. Click the link below to read my article on Jen Hatmaker.


One thought on “Jen Hatmaker

  1. Extremely well written, John. I was very saddened by Jen Hatmaker’s break from the biblical truth about homosexuality and “marriage.” I have read a couple of her books and had found her to be godly and very entertaining, if not hilarious. Sad. I liked Rob Bell when he was producing the interesting Nouma videos. Then, he deep-ended. Thanks for sinking your anchor on the solid rock of Jesus, John!

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