Dyeing Hair, Boring Preachers, and Kerfuffling

blue hair

by John Ellis

“Kerfuffles started kerfuffling.”

The above line uttered by my friend Joffre the Giant in his latest YouTube “rant” should be enough to induce you to watch. However, if that line is not enough of an inducement (a failure that you should examine about yourself, by the way), know that my friend may have given us all permission to dye our hair blue. I don’t know. You be the judge.

Regardless of how you judge my friend, as always, Joffre is interesting, challenging, and definitely not boring.

(P.S. Would someone mind letting me in on the inside “aesthetic” scoop as to why he keeps switching back and forth from color to black and white? I’d ask Joffre, but I’m assuming that he would just mock me if I did.)


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