Christians and GMO’s


by John Ellis

As a whole, the crunchy Christian movement amuses me. That being said, there are aspects of it that irritate me. At points, I find some aspects self-righteous in ways that threaten to erode the unity that is supposed to characterize followers of King Jesus. However, if we’re being honest (if I’m being honest, especially), all Christians hang onto pockets of self-righteousness; that’s why we need Jesus.

Because of, you know, self-righteous, glass houses and all, I’ve been hesitant to put into print my thoughts/beliefs about the crunchy Christian movement. Well, that and I’ve resisted potentially offending friends over a topic (organic food, making your own soap, the whole “buy local” movement, et al.) that’s really not that important to me. Thanks to my quickly diminishing readership numbers, I do “feel” a little more comfortable wading into the waters of public discourse about this subject (I have an almost completed article that I’ve been sitting on – I might publish it next week). Writing in a vacuum is emboldening, I guess. Which is partly why I’m comfortable stating that while I understand that it’s not embraced by all who would self-identify as a “crunchy Christian,” one aspect of the movement most decidedly does not amuse me – being anti-GMO.

My first foray into taking rhetorical shots at the crunchy Christian movement is a pretty safe one, I think. I believe that out of all the tangential topics, taking on the anti-GMO crowd is probably the least controversial among my friends. In fact, it’s been recent discussions with friends about my/our irritation, to put it mildly, over the anti-GMO movement that prompted me to submit a pitch on the subject to my editor at PJ Media. She accepted, and, voila, you will find a link to my article posted below.




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