Christians and Nudity in Movies


by John Ellis

This PJ Media article linked to below is an old article. Well, old in the sense that I wrote it at the end of this past December. In a paragraph or two (or more), I’ll explain why it’s taking me so long to share it with my blog readers and Facebook followers. The reason why I’m sharing it now is because I believed and still believe that this is an important topic that many Christians either willfully ignore in order to justify watching their favorite TV shows and/or movies, or they interact with the topic dishonestly for the same reason. That’s a seemingly harsh and judgmental thing for me to say, I know that; and it ties into why I’ve waited to share it, which I’ll get to in a moment (how’s that for a tease?).

For me and most of the people reading this, God has materially blessed us in numerous ways. We live in a time and place that affords us luxuries that puts to shame the luxuries enjoyed by kings from hundreds of years ago. We have access to much better food (better = more delicious). Our modes of transportation, even if only a used car, far surpasses the modes of transportation employed by the rich just a couple of generations ago. We enjoy climate controlled houses and running water at the temperature we desire. God has also materially blessed us in the realm of entertainment.

We can listen to music pretty much whenever we want no matter what we’re doing, an activity that was not possible until the last generation or two. Prior to around a hundred years ago, access to music on even a semi-regular basis was a luxury only afforded the rich. To enjoy music on a semi-regular basis required the ability to hire musicians to play in your house. Prior to the invention of the camera and the subsequent cameras that could record movement, live theatre and listening to famous speakers were generally the preferred entertainment options for the masses. And while not necessarily infrequent activities, I don’t think that anyone would argue that live theatre and speeches from popular speakers were as ubiquitous a century and a quarter ago as movies and TV are today. Entertainment is one of God’s material blessings to us, and a blessing that may be the most frequently misused and abused.

Beyond just the potential to waste time that our entertainment options present us, many Christians never consider if their preferred entertainment options are honoring to God or not. Admittedly, this is a topic that contains many self-righteous pitfalls and the potential to unrighteously alienate ourselves from fellow Believers. However, there is one area of entertainment that I believe should be verboten in the life of a Christian, all Christians – watching movies and TV shows that contain explicit sexual content and/or nudity.

I defend that statement, or, rather, argue the veracity of the statement in my PJ Media article linked to below. As stated above, I wrote the article almost five months ago. So, why has it taken me so long to share it? Namely, because of the ads posted on PJ Media.

I usually only see my articles from the inside – from the platform I use to write the articles. I am aware of the nature of the ads, though. Over the last year, I’ve heard from several friends who tell me that they would love to read what I write, but they are offended by the ads. I completely understand that. (By the way, an article can be written, and probably already has been, about why conservative sites generally feature far worse ads than liberal sites.) In fact, this is one of the reasons why I share my PJ articles through this blog instead of directly on the Facebook page; I want to give my friends some information about the article and then let them decide if they’re going to click or not. But, I didn’t share the article posted below because it felt/feels(?) slightly hypocritical to post an article stating that Christians shouldn’t watch movies with nudity next to ads that are, well, indecent, at best. A fact pointed out by many of the commenters on the actual article. So, why am I sharing it now?

This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to write about on this blog for a while. But, I’m not sure that I could write about it without plagiarizing myself, which would be a violation of my contract with PJ Media. However, and hopefully with the aid of my explanation, I have concluded that the article’s content is worth the risk of further charges of hypocrisy. In fact, if you want to call me a hypocrite, by all means, do so. But know that my hypocrisy doesn’t actually undermine the validity of my arguments, and calling me a hypocrite doesn’t get you off the hook before King Jesus for watching movies and TV shows that contain explicit sexual content and/or nudity.

(Full disclosure – I shared the article in “reading” mode. The ads are not visible, but neither are the comments. Edit – it won’t let me share it in “reading” mode, so I’ve relinked to it to the actual article. If you click on the book icon at the top of the  article’s page, the article will be opened without ads or the comments.)





5 thoughts on “Christians and Nudity in Movies

  1. John: Thank you for sending this along, as always. I read this on my iPad then clicked the link to the PJ article. That took me to the article on Safari. It looked like some of the ads were blocked but not all. There was one on the side that was sexually provocative. It didn’t offend me. I just wanted you to be aware. Perhaps the problem is on my end and with my device.


    • Thank you. I clicked on it, and it didn’t take me to the “readers” version. I guess it won’t let people share it in that format (or I just don’t know how). Clicking the little book icon opens the article in the version without ads.


  2. There is absolutely no need for nudity or gratuitous foul language in movies, but we all know that producers shoot for the PG, PG-13, and R ratings for the sake of receipts. G ratings don’t make a return on investment. Follow the money.

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