Christians Need to Repudiate Racism and Call Racists to Repentance


by John Ellis

Whenever I write an article for PJ Media about the horrific racism that characterizes the alt-right movement, I get cussed out, called a liberal purveyor of fake news, and told that I’m race-baiting, whatever that means, with the occasional death threat tossed in for good measure. While I do not enjoy being baptized with vitriol, I strive to write what I believe to be true, regardless of the possible consequences.[1] Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, I was very vocal in my opposition to Donald Trump. And one of my stated reasons is that I believed (still do, for the record) that President Trump taps into the some of the worst, most sinful, self-serving impulses in our fallen (sinful) bodies and souls.

Over the last few weeks, I have mulled another #NeverTrump article in the vein of “I told you so,” but that article has yet to coalesce into a coherent objective in my mind outside of possibly just being petulant. While I figure that article out and strive to make sure that I actually have something useful to add to the conversation, I want to reiterate my loud and forceful opposition to the continued spread of those sinful, self-serving impulses, specifically the sin of racism.

I’m not a big fan of Charles Barkley. As a general rule, I do not find him insightful nor funny. In fact, he’s the main reason that I change the channel during halftime when I’m watching the NBA on TNT. Because of that, I did not plan on watching any of his new show, Race in America.

With Race in America, Barkley’s stated goal is to address the state of race relations in this country, including in reference to immigration. It’s a needed conversation, and a conversation that I hope is being facilitated around the country by more than NBA Hall of Famers. Sadly, though, in large part because of President Trump, I’m afraid this country is becoming more divided over the issue of race.[2]

The worsening racial divide was on full display during the first episode of Race in America. Never one to shirk from controversy, Charles Barkley interviewed Richard Spencer. If you are unfamiliar with Spencer, he is one of the de-factor leaders of the alt-right movement and was one of Donald Trump’s most visible and vocal supporters during the presidential campaign. In a rambling explanation and defense of the alt-right, Breitbart praised Richard Spencer and his website as “a center of alt-right thought.”

Barkley’s interview with Spencer is shockingly horrific. The clip below doesn’t include some of the viler racism espoused by Spencer, but it’s still terrible. This man, Richard Spencer, is the mouthpiece for much of what many of President Trump’s ardent supporters believe. It’s wicked, and it reflects an ongoing rebellion against God. I believe that true followers of King Jesus need to be vocal in our repudiation of this sin, and call to repentance those who applaud Richard Spencer and his beliefs.

Watch the clip below and allow yourself to be saddened and disgusted by the level of sin that is rampant in this country. For those of who are repenting of our sins and placing our faith in Jesus, it’s not enough to decry the sins of the left (abortion, gay marriage, etc.), we also need to make sure that we’re not allowing our own ideological houses to be perverted with sin against God. Richard Spencer and the alt-right are opposed to God, and so Christians need to be opposed to them.

[1] For the record, that goes both ways. Some of the angriest, most hateful responses that I’ve received over the last year have come from coexist-loving liberals, like the Village Voice, NPR, and supporters of Planned Parenthood.

[2] Also for the record, the problem doesn’t just lay at the feet of the alt-right. Leftists and their embrace of the contra-Biblical identity politics add to the problem, too.


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