Stealthing: A New Way for Men to Assault Women

sexual assault

by John Ellis

If I weren’t a Christian and didn’t believe that God is in control of history, I would run the risk of being overcome with despair. The world is a broken place; humans are trapped in sin, and that rebellion against God causes the entire creation to groan. Thankfully, by God’s grace, I am repenting of my sins and placing my faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as my only hope in life and death. Because I have been adopted into God’s family and been given new life in Christ, I rest in the knowledge that King Jesus is going to return. When he does, those who have remained in their sin and rebellion by refusing to bow the knee in repentance and faith to Jesus will be righteously judged and condemned to eternal death. Sin will finally and fully be defeated. Many of the Psalms rest in this same knowledge (Psalm 1, 2, 7, 34, and 110, to list a few). My comfort in the coming return of King Jesus doesn’t keep me from mourning the sin around me, though (and the sin that still remains in my own hear, too).

Shamefully, men continue to create new ways to sin against their Creator by treating women as nothing more than objects of pleasure. Sexually assaulting women who are made in the Image of God is an attack on God, and expresses the assailant’s hatred of God as well as his hatred of women. Stealthing, the act of removing the condemn during the act of sex without the permission of the woman, is currently a popular form of sexual assault. If you were unaware of stealthing, you are now, and for that I apologize. If you want to learn more about this rebellion against God, click the link below to the article I wrote for PJ Media.


2 thoughts on “Stealthing: A New Way for Men to Assault Women

  1. Despicable. The comments after the post were certainly “interesting,” to say the least. You have made the big-time, John, when considering some of that vitriol!


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