This Week in SJW Idiocy: Taco Trucks and White Food Supremacy

If a white person makes and sells this, they’re a racist.

by John Ellis

I haven’t decided if this is going to become a weekly series or not. Maybe. After I consult with a few people as well as take note of the response to this article (or lack thereof), I’ll make a final decision. For now, I’m testing it out while leaning towards making “This Week in SJW Idiocy” a weekly series. I’m leaning towards it because I’m not sure how many people are fully aware of the amount of SJW idiocy that exists.

The acronym SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior. And a SJW is an individual who lives in a perpetual state of being offended and, worse, who expects everyone else to act in subservience to their ever-changing, triggered feelings. Since most SJW’s are rich, young Americans, they face very little actual oppression in their own lives (unless you count finding out that the you’re going to have to take an 8 am class this semester, after all). This is why they are frequently offended for others to the point of being unable to attend class, go to work, or realize that blocking traffic isn’t a good way to win people over, but that’s the “idiocy” part of all this, which I’m going to explain in upcoming paragraphs. In their still developing brains, mommy and daddy footing the bill is not a true safe space. Considering that SJW’s have the time and resources required to live life as part of the professionally offended class, history laughs at them.

Sadly, their idiocy may mean that people in the future will laugh at Western Society, too, as they learn about our downfall in history class. Current SJW idiocy is going to make for some great essay questions on future tests.

Instead of defining SJW idiocy, examples probably work best. Before delving into the whole “Taco Trucks and White Food Supremacy” from this article’s title, here’s an example to help readers shape a definition in their mind.

In late April, those attending the National Union of Students conference in England were warned that cheering, clapping, and whooping excludes deaf people. The warning included the threat of punishment. According to this article in the Telegraph, “The Durham University student union proposed a motion at the conference that would see clapping and whooping banned at all future NUS events.”

That, dear readers, is SJW idiocy. And it happens frequently. This week’s highlighted SJW idiocy comes to us from Portland, Oregon. Of course, it does. In the future, scholars are going to write competing papers on whether Portlandia was a documentary or not. That’s because, things like this happen in Portland – the SJW’s of Portland have shut down a Taco Truck and then bragged about it in The Portland Mercury, a weekly, alternative newspaper.

This now notorious Taco Truck earned the ire of SJW’s because its owners were two white women. In SJW speak, sorry, “speak” may exclude my deaf readers, … In SJW terms, these two white women were guilty of cultural appropriation. They committed the mortal SJW sin of learning how to make tacos and burritos while on a trip to Mexico, and then had the audacity to return home and open Kook’s Burritos. The SJW’s of Portland, took it upon themselves to shut Kook’s Burritos down, a task they succeeded at.

I have a hard time understanding how the SJW’s don’t see that their outrage also included racism on their part. Deigning to speak for Mexicans while assuming a position for them, the SJW’s crusaded to stop these two white women from hijacking Mexican culture through the appropriation of their food. Assuming the language of their own identity politics, who or, rather, in an effort to be inclusive, what gave these SJW’s the right to speak for Mexicans? According to identity politics, it’s racist for anyone to assume to speak for another identity set. As for me, a white male, I live my life assuming that Mexicans are far less sensitive than SJW’s believe, and aren’t prone to being nonsensically triggered because two white women opened a taco truck in Portland, Oregon.

While researching this real-life theatre of the absurd, I learned about white food supremacy. Apparently, white people are subjugating other races through the appropriation of food. Let that sink in. If a white person owns a restaurant, and has a Cuban Sandwich on the menu, he is guilty of colonizing Cubans and perpetuating inequities through the hijacking of market shares. Look, I love Cuban sandwiches, and I’m going to buy the best Cuban sandwich I can find, regardless of the ethnicity of the people making it. Furthermore, if a white person wants to open a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern food, that white person does not owe it to anyone to fall on the identity politics sword and surrender his dream of providing for his family by owning a restaurant. Wealth isn’t a zero-sum game; market shares grow. In other words, Kook’s Burritos was not taking the spot of a minority in the market. If ran well, including, obviously, the food, Kook’s Burritos would’ve expanded the market share in Portland for Mexican food trucks as well as providing wealth for the community at large. If it wasn’t run well, it would’ve closed on its own accord.

Sound economic theory matters not to SJW’s, though (see their support for the three-home owner Bernie Sanders for further proof). Eschewing sound economics as well as embracing full-on racism, SJW’s in Portland have compiled a list of non-white restaurants for SJW’s to eat at. Read it. And be afraid. This is the brave new world that your liberal friends and family members may desire.

To be fair, before The Portland Mercury blocked me because I tweeted their article accompanied by my comment, “Portland truly does have an appropriation problem, as in @portlandmercury has appropriated fascism and a hatred for small businesses” I noticed that several liberals weren’t happy with The Portland Mercury, either. Tweeting things to TPM like, “Are you trying to get Trump reelected,” I’m assuming that many of them have been blocked, too. Maybe, just maybe, the increasingly nonsensical and self-refuting activities of SJW’s will wake some liberals up before it’s too late for Western Society.


9 thoughts on “This Week in SJW Idiocy: Taco Trucks and White Food Supremacy

  1. SJW’s are guilty of cultural appropriation as their manufactured struggle is the tactic of old Russian socialism, and maybe of other groups, dating back to Russia in the mid-1800s.
    Unless the SJW’s are direct descendants of those original Russian agitators, they are guilty of cultural appropriation.
    Such hypocrisy.

    It’s kind of cool that you & your freedom of speech have been blocked by a liberal publication.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. And this is a large part of why I voted for Pres. Trump and why I side with the Alt-Right for now. I will side with anyone who is against these SJWs, the more virulently and violently the better.

    Truly, if someone wanted to round them up and be rid of them, I’d not only support them, I’d help round them up and put them down.


    • Welp, you aren’t going to appreciate some of my other articles.

      Per chance, you’re not an atheist, are you? If you are, I’m not trying to start a back-and-forth about whether God exists or not, but if you’re not an atheist, I do have a few questions I’d like to ask you.


      • No, I’m not one of the Godless. Not Christian either though. I’m one of those who generally lumped in as Pagans, though I have very little in common with- or tolerance for most of the members of those faiths.


      • So, within your undefined religious worldview (undefined in this thread, at least), what allows for violence against other humans who are not directly and imminently threatening your personal safety?


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