England’s Weird Perception of South Carolina


by John Ellis

This past week, I’ve published some of my thematically heaviest articles to date. In fact, I had another fairly weighty article set to go today. However, I’m tired of being weighed down in my writing by the reality of the awfulness of sin and rebelliousness against God. So, instead of my originally planned article, I’m going to good-naturedly have a little fun at the expense of our English friends. To be fair, they have recently had a bit of good-natured fun at the expense of South Carolinians, which is what has prompted me to write this.

Roughly twelve years of my life have been spent in South Carolina, all of those years as an adult. Almost four years ago, my family and I moved to Arlington, VA after having spent the previous eight years in South Carolina. I’m fairly confident that I have a good grasp on the state and its quirks and cultural idiosyncrasies. So, I feel qualified to say that England, at least the people working in McDonald’s marketing department in England, have next to no knowledge of the Union’s eighth state (and the first state of the Confederacy).

In a McDonald’s commercial that airs in England, which you can watch below, the English give us a weird, Branson, MO-esque version of Texas in what is supposed to be an ad connected to cultural cues about South Carolina. I mean, they even get the color of the football uniform wrong. From what I know about South Carolinians, they will laugh at all the other misrepresentations about their tiny, little state, but the wrong football uniform color may be considered offensive. Watch, and laugh at the Brits complete lack of awareness of what makes South Carolina, well, South Carolina.


3 thoughts on “England’s Weird Perception of South Carolina

  1. For additional insight on the Brits view of us, check out the commercial for the New York Stack where they pay homage to that greatest of American games by donning the hallowed Red Pinstripes of the New York Regals.

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