Weekend Reading: 5/27


by John Ellis

I freely and happily admit that I have cribbed this idea from many other writers and bloggers. So be it. A good idea is a good idea, right? There is so much content vying for our attention on the internet, it’s often hard to find the diamond in the rough, so to speak. Although, there are plenty of diamonds hidden throughout the interwebs. That fact means that aggregate sites are useful, and websites and blogs that devote articles and posts to serving as an aggregate for interesting and/or useful content are likewise useful. While I have next to zero desire for this blog to become an aggregate site, or even provide daily posts that offer some help to my friends and readers uncovering some diamonds that they may have missed, a weekly post seems fun for me and possibly profitable for others.

Below, are several of the more interesting articles and blog posts that I read over the last week. Enjoy.

After he won the 2017 United States Barista Championships, Kyle Ramage sat down with The Gospel Coalition and discussed faith, coffee, and his time in seminary. If you love Jesus and coffee, you’ll find this interview interesting. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/make-people-wonder-why-youre-weird

I love sports, and I used to love ESPN. Over the last couple of years, though, while my love for sports has not receded, I rarely watch ESPN now, unless I’m watching a live game, of course. One of the reasons why I’m watching ESPN less and less is because of their increasingly, vocally shrill shift to the left politically. This article from The Ringer delves into why people are increasingly happy about the decline of ESPN. https://theringer.com/espn-critics-decline-sports-media-242e1f99129

For years, I’ve believed that evangelicals (both conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists) have overly complicated dating and marriage. Books have been written; seminars attended; “Christian” dating/marriage fads are embraced and then discarded for the latest fad. Westminster Seminary California offers this humorous list to illustrate the absurdity with which evangelicals approach this topic. At the end of the list, some practical, simple, and Biblically rooted advice is offered. http://wscal.edu/blog/16-ways-to-find-a-wife-according-to-the-bible

Do you know someone who touts a single-payer healthcare system? Are you someone who touts a single-payer healthcare system? If you answered “yes” to the first question, you may want to pass this Sacramento Bee article along to them. If you answered “yes” to the second question, you may want to read this Sacramento Bee article for yourself. http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article151960182.html

Often, we cringe at the ways in which fellow Believers discuss controversial topics in the public square (I’m sure that some cringe at the way I do so). As the public square becomes more hostile, though, many of us need to be confronted with our idolatry of wanting to be considered a “sensible Christian.” Stephen McAlpine offers this thoughtful reflection and gentle admonition to Christians who desire to be considered “sensible” by their unbelieving friends, family, and coworkers. https://stephenmcalpine.com/2017/05/26/margaret-court-vs-sensible-evangelicals/

A scholar recounts her journey from atheism to Christianity. That journey began (practically speaking) with Peter Singer. (side note- I’m curious how many people Peter Singer has unwittingly driven into the arms of Jesus.) http://www.veritas.org/oxford-atheism-to-jesus/

Rachel Jones at The Good Book Company wrote this poignant and important list after the terrorist attack in Manchester. This article is a good prayer resource for many, if not all, tragic events. Our world is broken, and Christians should be praying. http://www.thegoodbook.co.uk/blog/news/2017/05/23/five-things-to-pray-after-the-manchester-attack/


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