Abortion IS Murder

abortion sign

by John Ellis

Last night while at a party, I had the privilege of listening to a friend from church talk very briefly about her labors on the Hill to protect the lives of the unborn. Our church is blessed to have several people who are actively involved in combating our society’s horrific holocaust of babies. One young lady is the director of a crisis pregnancy center that offers free medical care to poor mothers and undocumented immigrant mothers. One would think that liberal-leaning professing Christians would applaud her work to care for mothers who are often alone and who are struggling emotionally, materially, and spiritually. But, no, progressive Christians offer some of the sharpest rebukes and attacks on her labors.

My wife and I are privileged to be able to partner through prayer, financial support, and active involvement in other ways with our sisters in Christ who are laboring for Christ to keep babies from being murdered. My prayer is that more followers of King Jesus would take a more active and vocal stance against abortion. I also pray that professing Christians who actively seek to discourage pro-life activity would repent of their sin. Make no mistake, it is expressing active support for the murder of babies to say things like, “until evangelicals begin caring for the lives of the born, they have no right to speak out against abortion.” You see, abortion is either the murder of babies or it’s not; it can’t be a little bit of both.

About a year and a half ago, I wrote an article that begins with the closing sentence of the previous paragraph. I encourage you to click the link below, read that article, and pray that God will put a stop to the murder of babies. If you’re not already, I also encourage you to find a gospel-centered pro-life organization to partner with, through prayer, financially, or volunteering. Also, if I may be so bold, please consider sharing the article linked below on your social media accounts. People need to be confronted with the reality that abortion is the murder of babies.

Click here to read the article: https://adayinhiscourt.com/2015/10/05/abortion-and-hypocrisy/


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