Liberal Theology and the Decline of the PCUSA

abandonded church

by John Ellis

Several months ago, my pastor and I attended a lecture at a local Unitarian church (I wrote about that lecture here). Before the lecture began, a gentleman from the church gave some opening remarks. In those remarks, he bemoaned the shrinking membership of the Unitarian denomination. He also smugly criticized conservative, “white” churches for their lack of diversity. My pastor and I looked at each other quizzically. As we walked back to our cars after the lecture was over, my pastor asked me, “Were you thinking what I was thinking?” I replied, “Yes.”

When the gentleman chided conservative, “white” churches for their lack of diversity while praising the Unitarians for their diversity, my pastor and I were marveling at the fact that the room was filled with older, rich, white people. Our conservative (very conservative) Southern Baptist, reformed church counts close to a dozen different native languages among our members.

That anecdote brings me to my point, liberal theology is a sham. It kills churches. Statistics bear this out. Liberal churches are dying. Further proof of this is provided in the report from the PCUSA about their shrinking membership. Sadly, and comically as well, the PCUSA views their shrinking membership as a positive thing. For more information, click on the link below that will take you to the article I wrote about it for PJ Media.


3 thoughts on “Liberal Theology and the Decline of the PCUSA

  1. Do some background research in required courses for the MDIV in ALL seminaries – almost no Bible–so you have basically changed theology to sociology !! Why waste good Sunday listening to a sociology lecture ?


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