SJWs Turn Their Sights on ‘The Bachelorette’

lee garrettby John Ellis

I have never watched an entire episode of The Bachelorette (nor The Bachelor). That doesn’t mean that I’m unfamiliar with the ABC TV show, though. The hit “reality” TV show traffics in the objectification and exploitation of women (and men), and it makes a mockery of marriage. As a Christian, I find the show morally offensive. As a plain-old human being, I find the show lacking in any aesthetic and/or cultural value. So, it’s with at least of hint of sardonic eye-rolling that I interact with the brewing controversy surrounding The Bachelorette.

One of the contestants (Lee Garrett) on the current season of The Bachelorette tweeted some un-PC things. Since this season features an African-American woman (Rachel Lindsay) in the lead for the first time, SJWs have turned their gaze onto the show and uncovered Lee Garrett’s tweets. For more information, click the link posted below to read my latest PJ Media article.


One thought on “SJWs Turn Their Sights on ‘The Bachelorette’

  1. I’m with you, John. Let bachelorette discover this “offensive” man’s lack of character for herself, if such is the case. I’m betting the producers are loving this controversy! If they’re smart, they’ll keep this guy in the mix for as long as possible, so the SJW’s (and others intrigued by the controversy) will tune in and support the advertisers. (Follow the money!) The worst thing the producers would do is to bow to the SJW pressure. We shall see. I know one thing. I don’t care. I refuse to watch this silly show.

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