My Phone Call With IRS Scammers

irs phone scam

by John Ellis

I have been eagerly awaiting the phone call from the IRS scammers. Ever since I had heard about this particular phone scam that preys on the elderly and vulnerable members of our society, I have wanted to act as a speedbump in their quest to defraud people. Well, this week, I received my phone call.

Ever since I’ve gotten my new phone number, I have been receiving an inordinate amount of phone calls from telemarketers attempting to sell me timeshares or a Caribbean cruise. When the phone rang, I was expecting a telemarketer. The only reason I even answered was because I was working on an article, and was a little stuck. I wanted a break. To my happy surprise, the phone call wasn’t from telemarketers, but was a recorded message telling me that I had committed tax fraud and needed to call back right away to resolve the matter. I called back.

After the phone call ended a little over forty-five minutes later, I pitched an article about it to my editor. She accepted, and that article is linked to below. Beyond wasting the scammers time and having some fun, I take a small amount of pleasure in knowing that I made money off of that phone call and the scammers didn’t. I scammed the scammers.

One final thought before the link to the article – I get it; I’m not naïve. My efforts accomplished very little. Most likely, the scammers I called were utilizing several phones and were probably on the phone with others during my call. However, the fact remains that the forty-five minutes they were on the phone with me were forty-five minutes that they weren’t on the phone with at least one other individual.

Click the link below to read about my phone call with the IRS scammers and for a few tips on how you too can scam the scammers.


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