Why Michael Jordan’s Bulls Would Beat the 2017 Golden State Warriors


I didn’t write about the flu game, but I could’ve and probably should’ve.


by John Ellis

Just a few days ago, I was rooting for the Golden State Warriors to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals. I now regret that. Although, to be honest, I would be saying a similar thing had I rooted for the Cavs and had they won. Down either choose-your-own-adventure path lies the nonsensical comparisons to Michael Jeffrey Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 1990s.

My only reason for rooting for the Warriors is that I’m hoping that people will finally stop placing LeChoke LeBron in the GOAT comparisons with Michael Jordan. It’s just … NO! Well, it happened, LeBrick LeBron was unable to beat the Warriors. Except, the law of unintended consequences is now punishing me for rooting for the Warriors. People are busy debating how much better the 2017 Golden State Warriors are than Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

It shouldn’t even be a debate! Jordan’s Bulls would terrorize Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and the rest of the Golden State Warriors. That fact, and the fact that I feel compelled to defend all things Gen X, drove me to pitch an article to my PJ Media editor. A pitch that as a Cleveland Cavaliers fan she eagerly accepted. Below you can find a link to my article explaining just a few of the reasons why Michael Jordan’s Bulls of the 90s would beat the 2017 Golden State Warriors. (note – just a few of the reasons. I could turn this into series.)



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