5 Ways to Get Your Kids off Technology and Outside This Summer


by John Ellis

Children today need to be technologically literate. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that children should have unfettered access to technology. Finding a balance is the tricky part. Helping parents find that balance, most school districts across the country provide opportunities for students to learn about and use many forms of technology. There’s little reason for kids to have large amounts of screen time while at home.

My wife and I give our kids our old phones when we upgrade to new phones. Their “phones” do not function as phones but as nothing more than handheld computers, if you will. That being said, our kids’ “phones” reside in me and my wife’s bedroom. Furthermore, they are only allowed to use their “phones,” or any technology, for that matter, on the weekend. They’re not big fans of that, but we don’t care. Because they have very limited access to TV, our two children spend lots and lots of time outside (they also reads lots and lots of books, but that’s not what this article is about).

If you want to read a little more about how my wife and I encourage our kids to go outside, click the link to my latest-ish PJ Media article below (it’s not my latest, having been published before my Michael Jordan article). In that article, you’ll find five fool-proof ways to get your kids off technology and outside this summer. Actually, and as an “insider secret” for readers of my blog, I only needed one way. Technically, I only needed one sentence, but word-count and all; my editor wouldn’t have been happy with a thirteen word article; fourteen words if you count contractions as two words. See if you can find that one sentence. Hint – it’s near the end.




One thought on “5 Ways to Get Your Kids off Technology and Outside This Summer

  1. EXCELLENT post, John. Very practical ideas. Reasonable boundaries. Your best assertion? “BE THE PARENT.” Parenting is not a popularity contest. Father truly does know best. Happy Father’s Day tomorrow, sir!


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