The Church Is Filled With Hypocrites … and Other Reasons to Skip Church

church building

by John Ellis

Is it necessary for Christians to attend church? Well, first off, if you understand who/what the Church is, the question is nonsensical. The Church is the Bride of Christ; God’s people being reconstituted into a new Kingdom. For a professing Christian to distant himself from the Church is, in essence, a renunciation of Christianity. You can’t be a Christian and not be a member of the Body of Christ – the Church.

However, and in the issue of fairness, when that question is asked, many aren’t thinking in terms of universal Ecclesiology. Although, I would (and will) argue that the “smaller” question, if you will, is directly informed by the “larger” question. A better wording of the question, the subtext of the original question, should be, “Is membership/regular attendance in a local body of believers named ‘Local Baptist Church’ or ‘Local Bible Church’ or ‘Local Methodist Church’ (fill in your denomination) connected to my inclusion in the people of God named the Church?” To that reworded question, I adamantly respond, “Yes, and Amen!”

While my latest PJ Media article linked to below does not fully explain my “Yes, and Amen!” it’s a start, I think. In the article, I briefly interact with four of the more common reasons given by professing Christians for not regularly attending the gathering of God’s people on the Lord’s Day. Let me know if I’ve overlooked some other common excuses.

Soli Deo gloria



2 thoughts on “The Church Is Filled With Hypocrites … and Other Reasons to Skip Church

  1. Excellent analysis, John, as always. I came to the Lord later in life — at 36 years of age. I had been “churched” as a child. I was always in church until I was 18. In college, I drifted away a bit. Then, when I got married, I felt the need to put up the right image of myself as an educator by being a regular church attender. When Jesus got ahold of me in 1994, the Holy Spirit caused me IMMEDIATELY to ABSOLUTELY love His church! Even with the foibles and sins of everyone in a congregation, we should never forsake the fellowship. If I’m not there, the body suffers; if another is not there, I do not benefit from that person’s spiritual gifts. I would NEVER intentionally skip church, even when we are out-of-town. That’s a good habit, not legalism.


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