Hospitality Isn’t Hard


by John Ellis

It’s not a humble-brag to say that people frequently express amazement at how often my wife and I host large groups of people at our house. It’s not a humble-brag because my wife and I are puzzled by the amazement. We love having people over; we love large groups hanging around until the late hours of night talking and laughing. If anything, it would be an amazing and pointless act of self-sacrifice for my me and my wife to not frequently host large groups of people at our house. Hospitality is not a chore for us, by any stretch of the imagination. And, frankly, hospitality doesn’t need to be a chore for most people.

Originally, the above paragraph was written for an article intended for this blog. However, after writing about three-hundred words, I began to wonder if my editor at PJ Media might want it. I was going to write it anyway, might as well see if I could get paid for it, right? Well, my editor did want the article, and that article about how hospitality is not as hard as many make it out to be is linked to below.

As you’ll see from the opening paragraph here compared with the opening paragraphs in my PJ Media article, I changed the direction somewhat. I did so in order that the article could fit under the Faith section. If you’re interested in reading that article, click the link below.


One thought on “Hospitality Isn’t Hard

  1. I am 100% with you, John. Cheryl and I love to host large numbers of people in our home. The more, the merrier. The body of Christ needs to be the body of Christ! Or Christians need to open their homes to non-Christians, so they can see what true hospitality is what it’s all about.


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