Teen Vogue Preys on Children

romans 6 23

by John Ellis

“Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.” Romans 1:24-25

I don’t think that I’ve agonized over whether to share one of my articles or not as much as I have over my latest PJ Media article. It’s a disgusting article (by necessity) warning parents about a depraved and predatory publication. Sin is ugly. Apart from the knowledge that God is Sovereign, rebellion against our Holy Creator can be disgustingly terrifying when it is allowed to raise its ugly head in the full wilting of its depravity. Interacting with it isn’t easy, and lends itself to inadvertently causing others to stumble, or even yourself. My prayer is that my article will not cause any to stumble, but will cause all who read it to purpose in their heart to strive even harder to protect children from the snare of the devil and his followers. My prayer is also that we adults will repent of our own engagement with depravity that we justify in the name of entertainment and “Christian liberty.”

In the email pitch to my editor for my latest PJ Media article, I wrote, “ummm. My apologies for the link below. It’s … it’s disturbing. Which is why I want to write about it, or, rather, write against it.” Below my text, I included a link to a Teen Vogue article that encourages children to have anal sex.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Teen Vogue, a publication marketed to children as young as my daughter, published an article that not only graphically describes how to have anal sex, but that also, no hyperbole, encourages children to have anal sex. In this space, I won’t rehash the content of that article. If you choose to click the link to my PJ Media article below, I include and comment on some of the more depraved aspects of the Teen Vogue article. And while it’s in my best financial interest to encourage people to click on my articles, this time I urge caution. You know your heart; you know your struggles. Click and read my article with caution and discernment.

So, why did I write it? Why did I write an article that I’m counseling some to not read? Because parents need to be warned about the level of depravity that courses through mainstream pop culture; Teen Vogue is not an outlier. Because some professing Christians are so desperate to prove that they’re not like their “legalistic,” fundamentalist parents and teachers that they willfully align themselves with depravity in the form of pop culture. And make no mistake, much of pop culture, much of the music, movies, and books that professing Christians engage in are cesspools of depravity. Many of those who claim to follow King Jesus watch simulated rape and incest on Game of Thrones and then sing during the worship service to our Holy God on the following Sunday, “Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee. Take my moments and my days; let them flow in endless praise.” Likewise, we listen to music that glorifies illicit sexuality, drug use, and degrades women, and then have the nerve to confess with our lips that “All I have is Christ.” After having warned our teenage sons about the dangers of pornography, movies and TV shows with nudity play on our screens at night.

Sadly, and scarily, Teen Vogue’s article is not as far away from our day-to-day consumption of pop culture as many of us are willing to admit. The article is on the extreme end, admittedly. And some of us need to be confronted with the current extreme manifestation of our culture’s rebellious endgame. Make no mistake, the devil is a lion seeking people to devour. Teen Vogue is doing their father the devil’s bidding. That’s easy to see. Are we willing to acknowledge that much of the pop culture that we engage in as we shroud ourselves in the pious language of “Christian liberty” is also the devil’s bidding?

For those of us who are repenting of our sins and placing our faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have been saved from sin and saved to God, to eternal life as the children of God and co-heirs with Christ. When we watch movies, listen to music, and read books that glorify sin, we’re denying that we’ve been saved to life and state that we are still living under death. True Christian liberty means that through faith in Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are free to renounce sin and death and pursue life. Teen Vogue wants to rob our children of life and enslave them with sin and to death.

Please come quickly, King Jesus.

(note – If you choose to click the link below to my PJ Media article, I highly caution you not to click the link embedded in my article to the Teen Vogue article. The article is disgusting and heart breaking; the publication is disgusting. For me, having read the article and perused Teen Vogue, my faith that Jesus can save my children from the devil’s use of pop culture is weak right now; the devil seems stronger to me today than I know him to be. I confess my sin as a warning. For the record, when I wrote the article, I didn’t link to the Teen Vogue article on purpose. Including it was a decision made above my pay grade; a decision I understand from a business standpoint. There that is.)



One thought on “Teen Vogue Preys on Children

  1. This story is a remarkable illustration of God giving us over to our sinful desires (Romans 1). All bets are off. ANYTHING can happen in our culture today. We should not be shocked by a single aberrant behavior. The pendulum has swung full bore toward unbridled licentious behavior, especially in the arena of human sexuality. And the most unfortunately reality is that Christians are not very much different from the general culture, since we have allowed ourselves to be conformed by the sex-saturated culture rather than being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. I take hope in the truth that God is still the sovereign King of heaven, and He will continue to strengthen His remnant.


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