The First Church of Justin Bieber?


by John Ellis

Today, I know far more about Justin Bieber than I did a mere three days ago. And whatever new knowledge about the Biebs that I’ve attained is knowledge that I would be ok having never learned. Like, for example, the tag “the Biebs.” I have listened to more Bieber songs this past week than any grown man (or human being) should. I have researched his childhood as well as his adulthood that he’s turned into an ongoing childhood. The man-child is a mess; that I know.

I also know that it is reported that Justin Bieber is considering starting a church. I know this because my editor at PJ Media emailed me to inform me of it and then she asked me to write an article about it. I have always been thankful and happy with the monetary compensation that PJ provides me for my writing services. Until now, that is. The paycheck I will receive for researching and writing about Justin Bieber will not be enough (unless they’re reading this and decide to give me a big bonus, that is). But, it’s done. The article is written and it’s been published. I hope that you don’t feel as disappointed in yourself for reading my article as I feel for having done the research necessary to write it.

You can read my thoughts about the possibility of Bieber starting a church by clicking the link below.


One thought on “The First Church of Justin Bieber?

  1. I grieve for celebrities. Who can live a “normal” life when under the microscope of the media and public? (Is there such thing as a “normal” life anyway?!) Celebrities are so prone to “find religion” when they “lose themselves,” as Bieber obviously has. After all, they need to “renovate” their damaged “reputation” or “brand.” We can agree that it would be so easy to become self-absorbed when people are fawning over you, and you are achieving such a massive body of critical and financial success. Is it any wonder that these people gravitate to such self-destructive behaviors. I recall Tom Brady’s comments after his fourth Super Bowl victory. It was as though he was saying, “Is that all there is?” He was at the pinnacle of his career, having accomplished four times what most players never experience once, but his emptiness apparently signaled a yearning for the eternal. Has anyone introduced him to Jesus Christ? The abundant life which calls us not to “success” but, rather, to faithfulnessness to God? I hope so. There are plenty of wholehearted NFL players who should be “hitting” him not with a sack but with the Gospel.


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