The First Church of Justin Bieber?


by John Ellis

Today, I know far more about Justin Bieber than I did a mere three days ago. And whatever new knowledge about the Biebs that I’ve attained is knowledge that I would be ok having never learned. Like, for example, the tag “the Biebs.” I have listened to more Bieber songs this past week than any grown man (or human being) should. I have researched his childhood as well as his adulthood that he’s turned into an ongoing childhood. The man-child is a mess; that I know.

I also know that it is reported that Justin Bieber is considering starting a church. I know this because my editor at PJ Media emailed me to inform me of it and then she asked me to write an article about it. I have always been thankful and happy with the monetary compensation that PJ provides me for my writing services. Until now, that is. The paycheck I will receive for researching and writing about Justin Bieber will not be enough (unless they’re reading this and decide to give me a big bonus, that is). But, it’s done. The article is written and it’s been published. I hope that you don’t feel as disappointed in yourself for reading my article as I feel for having done the research necessary to write it.

You can read my thoughts about the possibility of Bieber starting a church by clicking the link below.


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