Christian Schools’ Coming Waterloo

A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain1by John Ellis

At the onset, I must admit that my title is a shameless ripoff of Carl Trueman. In July, writing for First Things, Trueman warned that lgbtq rights in conjunction with Title IX may very well prove to be Christian colleges’ Waterloo. Sadly, and apart from the intervention of our sovereign God, I’m afraid that Trueman is correct.

Trueman’s point wasn’t to act as a scaremonger, but, rather, to be a means which prompts Christians to action – prayer and strategies of faithfulness. Likewise, my most recent PJ Media article has as its intention the calling to arms, of sorts, Christians.

As Trueman wrote, thanks to President Trump, Christians have four maybe eight years of a slowed down cultural assault on our values, institutions, and persons, However, we need to be on guard against complacency; our society is still increasingly hostile to Biblical Christianity. An example of this has popped up in California (of course, it’s popped up in California), and I wrote about it for PJ Media. Click the link below to read my latest article. Inside the article, I have included a link to Carl Trueman’s article, if you’re interested (and you should be).


2 thoughts on “Christian Schools’ Coming Waterloo

  1. Christians also have four to eight years to show the culture how different the church can be from their expectations by letting love and compassion reign in their decision-making efforts; but if Christians make the mistake of erring on the side of dogmatism, it’ll be yet another nail in the coffin of the church. Part of the reason I find it so hard to go to church is that I know that there are members of my family who would be treated terribly if they didn’t hide certain aspects of who they are. They don’t feel welcomed, but despised. Christianity has fought them for the longest time, using it’s power to relegate them to the dark corners and hidden alleys of the world. When they finally come to light, Christianity is there trying to push them back to the darkness by protesting the laws made in their favor. Everywhere they turn, someone with a Bible in one hand and a cross around their neck spews out of their mouth vile curses and judge-mentally rants about God’s righteous hatred for everything they represent not realizing that they’re just a sinner of a different stripe. These four to eight years, one of the mightiest of all powers will be yet again pushing them back into darkness – with those believers celebrating every loss of freedom as a great victory. But the culture is a little more likely to read history and not likely to change sides so quickly. Sure, Martin Luther King, Jr. had his set-backs too, but what was right was not necessarily what certain sides of the church wanted after all, the church was on both sides of that conflict, too.


  2. I was a teacher, coach, associate principal, and principal in the public schools for 20 years. I have served as a principal and superintendent in Christian schools going on 18 years now. For the vast majority of my public school career, I was not a follower of Jesus. When I became a Christian at 36, the scales came off my eyes on so many subjects, on which I had previously viewed myself as “progressive.” The Constitution SHOULD protect Christian schools from assaults on our biblical stands on key cultural issues like homosexuality. Unfortunately, we are seeing challenges to those organizational convictions, and my only solace is that God ultimately controls the entire universe, so I don’t need to wring my hands about these matters. That being said, we must also be true to our guiding biblical convictions, speaking the truth in love. Christian schools should band together not in an effort to be justice warriors, but to send a clear message that we will not be bullied by the culture.

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