My Family’s Draconian Rules for Technology


by John Ellis

As the studies about the negative effects of technology on children begin to roll in, it’s hard not to allow a bit of “I told you so” to creep into my attitude. You see, my wife and I are incredibly strict where technology is concerned. Regardless of how out of touch with most of society we are, science backs up our draconian rules. One day, our kids are going to rule the world because everyone else’s kids will have had their brain rotted out through the use of technology.

I’m half-kidding, of course. At least, I think that I’m half-kidding, at least (I used “at least” twice on purpose). Whether or not my smugness is defensible has no bearing on the fact that the studies overwhelmingly reveal that technology use has negative impact on children (and adults). For more about my family’s rules and the evidence supporting those rules, click the link below for my latest PJ Media article.


2 thoughts on “My Family’s Draconian Rules for Technology

  1. some recommendations:

    If you use windows, give your kids a unique profile (and don’t share your profile) and turn on the family settings–this will give you a log of sites they visit, allow you to limit when they can use it, restrict certain apps, and set screen time limits. This is something that lots of people have but don’t know about.

    Get to know your wifi router settings. Many Netgear, Linksys, etc routers can work with open DNS, and this allows you to block specific websites or categories of websites (such as social media, youtube, streaming video) per device. Your router settings will also let you disable internet access by device, which is helpful when you find your kids are abusing their privileges.

    We use on IOS devices to control what apps/features are available and total amount of screen time.

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  2. GOOD. . .FOR. . .YOU. . .AND. . .YOUR. . .WIFE! Kendra Smiley wrote a great book with an excellent title: Be the Parent. You are actually “being a parent,” rather than attempting to be a “friend” to your children. It’s a trite expression, but father really does “know best.” And our heavenly Father definitely knows best!

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